Friday, March 22, 2019

Mortal Kombat 11 - Noob Saibot Reveal Trailer

Two is always better than one. The shadow of the NetherRealm, Noob Saibot, makes his anticipated return to kombat in #MK11.

Battlefield V: Firestorm (Battle Royale) Gameplay

Firestorm is coming to Battlefield V on March 25th! Check out the Firestorm PC gameplay video, captured on a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 - Cinematic Announcement Trailer

We saw an early look of Bloodlines 2 and learned from the developers why they brought the series back.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Unreal Engine: Chaos High-Performance Physics and Destruction System Real-Time Tech Demo (GDC 2019)

Revealed onstage at GDC 2019 during “State of Unreal,” Chaos is Unreal Engine’s new high-performance physics and destruction system coming in early access to Unreal Engine 4.23.

The real-time tech demo is set within the world of Robo Recall. With Chaos, users can achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction, with unprecedented artist control over content creation.

Free Steam Game - Tacoma

Free Steam Game - Tacoma

Free Steam Game - Tacoma

Humble Bundle is giving away DRM-free copies of Tacoma FREE for 72 hours in the Humble Store! This promotion is available from Thursday, March 21 at 10 a.m. Pacific time to Sunday, March 24 at 10 a.m. Pacific time or while supplies last.

indie games sale

Indie Mega Week just launched in the Humble Store on Thursday, March 21 at 10 a.m. Pacific time! The sale will be live through Thursday, March 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

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