Monday, August 11, 2014

Free Stellar Coins & Free Bitcoins

You can use the Bitcoins to purchase Steam wallet, Game bundles, Gift cards, or anything else you'd like really.

I'm going to show you a new simple method on how you could get free $2 - $40 in Bitcoins, just follow the steps.

1. Sign-up for a Stellar account.
2. Confirm your Facebook account.
3. Confirm your recovery E-mail.
4. You will have to wait 1-2 days to receive your free Stellar coins (Check back here & continue the steps.)
5. Once you receive the free Stellar coins you will need to complete the last step which is to send 25 Stellars to someone, don’t worry, you will get 25 Stellars back. (You can send them to username: YoungLegend) (As shown here)

Now you will need to turn the Stellar coins into Bitcoins.

1. Sign-up Justcoin then go to -> Deposit -> Stellar. (As shown here)
2. Copy the "Deposit address" & "Destination tag"
3. Now go back into your Stellar account & go to -> Send.
4. Paste the copied info in the fields & choose the amount to send (As shown here)
5. Now go back to -> Trade -> BTC/STR > “STR to Spend” Choose all (As shown here)
6. Now you can withdraw the Bitcoins, go to -> Withdraw, choose amount, paste your Bitcoin address, send & confirm (As shown here)

Note: You don’t have to exchange your Stellar coins into Bitcoins, you can keep them & wait until they raise in price or they could drop in price.