Friday, September 11, 2015

The GOG: Indie Pinata Games Sale Is Live!

indie pinata

GOG: Indie Pinata Games Sale

What is the Indie Piñata?

Every Indie Piñata costs $3 (or your local equivalent)  and includes a random indie game that we think you should play. The Piñata can include games anywhere from ~$9.99 to ~$44.99, so we promise you'll get a deal every time.

If you're looking for more games (or don't like surprises) we're also running a promo on a selection of more indie titles. These are a separate batch of games from the ones you'll find inside the Piñata. We'll also rotate the promo and Piñata lineup after three days, just so that things don't get too stale.

How do I get my Piñata?

Each Piñata will be added directly to your cart, and you can do this up to 25 times per cart. Go through the checkout to find out what you got.

What if I own all the games in the Piñata?

We're making sure that you only find games that you don't have yet. But if you already own every game hidden in the Piñata, we'll convert your spare copies to a gift.

So I can gift a Piñata?

Yes! You can send your friends their very own whackable Piñata. Select "Gift This Order" during checkout and share the joy.