Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Steam Game: Two Worlds 2

free steam game

They are giving away 50,000 keys per every few hours, stocks are limited.

1. Go here
2. Register / Log in (or you can use the Facebook log in)
3. After you log in, click Profile / Keys in the top right corner
4. This is your profile page, scroll down and you'll see Two Worlds GOTY Edition and other games
5. Click on the button and solve the captcha to unhide the Steam key


While you are there you are on your profile page you may redeem keys for previous giveaways, these games have been restocked and you can get them from the profile page:

Commander - Conquest Of The Americas
Two Worlds - Game of the Year Edition
Pirates of Black Cove
Knights and Merchants HD

This will be available soon:

East India Company Gold Edition