Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bundle Stars Ultimate Game Makers Bundle

Bundle Stars Ultimate Game Makers Bundle

Ever wanted to create your own games but don’t having any coding skills? Then Bundle Stars ( has everything you could ever possibly need, in the brand new Ultimate Game Makers Bundle featuring RPG Maker, App Game Kit, Game Guru and Axis Game Factory.  There’s never been a better time to create that killer game, with four of the greatest game making tools on the planet at your fingertips.

The Ultimate Game Makers Bundle puts game design in the hands of gamers. What’s more, with four different bundle tiers to choose from, users can purchase the specific content that best suits their game making needs.  This means that the Ultimate Game Makers Bundle is just as customisable as the games you can create.  From RPGs to First-Person Adventures, through the Ultimate Game Makers Bundle, gamers are free to create their own unique experiences and share them online.

Ultimate Game Makers Bundle - Interesting Stats

  • All four tiers are worth a total value of over $800
  • The included software boasts over 4,000 total user reviews on Steam!
  • An 84% average Steam user rating!
  • All run on Windows, 12 are compatible with Mac, and 9 run on Linux.
  • Features 4 complete commercial Steam games created using RPG Maker.
  • 7 unlock Steam Trading Cards.