Friday, January 29, 2016

IndieGala Indie Reaction Bundle

Here's what this bundle will do to you! Morphine will drag you to empathize and make you witness to an alternative subconscious world from a different perspective. Defend Your Life will test your tactical and strategy thinking in epic battlefields situated in appendix, pancreas, heart, brain and many others vital organs. Spirit Of War will take you to the great battles of World War 1. And this will be only the beginning as this 12 Steam games bundle has much much more to offer, so don't you dare miss this one!

IndieGala Indie Reaction Bundle

$1 for:

Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Hills Of Glory 3D

$2.89 and also get:

Defend Your Life
Demons with Shotguns
Miracle Fly
Spirit of War
GooCubelets: The Algoorithm
Death Tractor
No Turning Back The Pixel Art Action-Adventure Roguelike
Labyrinth Simulator