Wednesday, June 29, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 480 Reviews

The AMD Radeon RX 480 has now been officially launched - check it out here

The embargo lifts today for the AMD Radeon RX 480 so I will list all the reviews here to make it more convenient for you to check them out - list will be updated as reviews come out.

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Specifications of the AMD Radeon RX 480

Are you waiting for the new AMD graphics card to welcome your superb gaming year in 2016? We are so excited that now AMD or Advanced Micro Device has announced that they are ready to finally introduce their latest GPU card with a Polaris architecture called the Radeon RX 480. This generation has been waited by many gamers in the world. AMD is well-known as manufacturer that produces  great graphics card with super features and affordable price. It may be the most affordable in its class. How many people have waited for it so long? For its good name, AMD now has been one of leading manufacturers that produces good quality graphics card for your PC, but you don’t need to worry on a budget. Nvidia claims that AMD has low durability but as years quickly change and people ask for more refinements, here is the new graphics card of AMD. Radeon RX 480 will be the current best product of AMD for its higher speed and low power needed to ensure they will give you the best performance. Indeed, you may need some preparations to upgrade. If you still have doubt about it, here we have simple reviews that might be able to change your view and keep yourself updating AMD GPU's card to get superb and affordable card for your PC. So what are the features that make us believe in buying this AMD Radeon RX 480?

Answering the competitor

As you may remember that Nvidia has has released GTX 10 series that claim it has good efficient power, and less consumption of power so does with AMD RX series. With some refinements and attaching new technology, Radeon RX 480 surely can compete well in this class. Coming with the promising feature, this AMD is properly good because it brings new design with smaller size and powerful feature so there will be no waste of energy since you can save more power when you are gaming so no need to worry about the big electricity bill. This GPU uses the new technology of FinFet that gives the high possibility of efficient power usage. What you'll get from this great GPU is various. The feature is cool. You'll get 2304 for the processor stream divided into 36 clusters so you'll get 64 streams on each cluster. This GPU can produces high parallel computing called 5 TFLOPS.

Although there has no exact number of how many TMUs and ROPs used by this GPU, we are still curious about how AMD gives punch back with their new card. With the new design of architecture from CGN 4 Polaris, Radeon RX 480 will give several phenomenon performances for you. This product has been featured by DirectX 11.2 with clock GPU until 1,08 GHz with unknown Turbo. Nobody thinks that legit performance must come from a high price video card, but AMD proves it wrong. As long as your current PC has been so powerful, no matter what your video card comes from it actually can boost the speed. The brand is just a matter of durability. If you are looking for mid-end video card card, this AMD Radeon RX 480 suits you.