Monday, June 20, 2016

Bundle Stars Graviteam Tactics Bundle

Bundle Stars has ​​just launchedthe Graviteam Tactics Bundle​ for Steam​, which we hope will open up th​is amazing franchiseto a new audience of strategy gamers.​ It's at a best ​ever price.

This bundle is only available for 4 days. It includes Graviteam Tactics:Operation Star plus 8 DLC for just $6.49. That's a 96% saving.The DLCs are: Krasnaya Polyana 1943, Shield of the Prophet, Operation Hooper, Zhalanashkol 1969, Shilovo 1942, Sokolovo 1943, Volokonovka 1942, and Hi-Res Textures.

You will find the bundle here​

Enjoy WWII tank combat at its finest. Invade highly destructible sprawling battlefields, complete with dynamic day, night and weather effects. Fight against sophisticated A.I. enemies, and marvel at detailed weapons and vehicles.Command your fearless soldiers and annihilate those who stand before you with the base game and all DLC for only $6.49.