Monday, June 27, 2016

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is basically a popular digital storefront for video games. It was originally grown out of its offering of Humble Bundles meaning collection of video games which are sold at a price decided by the purchaser. With every purchase a small portion of the money is donated to charity. The motive behind launching the digital storefront is to ask purchaser pay what you want, cross platform and assist charity. The company is extremely popular worldwide and its headquarters are based in San Francisco, CA.  The store was officially launched in 2016 and has completely revolutionized the world of PC gaming. The store continues to offer these bundles for very limited time frame and help out needy game lovers with extremely affordable games. Initially the bundles was basically collection of games developed by independent gamers which mostly featured multi-platform support like Mac OS X, Microsoft windows and Linux Platforms. The company was able to achieve huge initial success and the two-week Humble Bundles were able to draw extensive media attention. Even some of the bundles surpassed $1 million sales.  With passage of time Humble Bundle grew bigger in size and the bundles from established gaming developers, AAA publishers and Android games were included. Humble Android Bundle is extremely crucial part of the bundles now and most liked by people.  With Android game bundle, you are offered with a wonderful opportunity of purchasing best Android games at your decided prices. Idea of the bundles was originally give by Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games. He was extremely pleased with the similar sort of bundle packages being offered by Steam games. These sales gain huge amount of word-of-mouth publicity and wide spread across the internet.

In recent times indie game bundles, have been the talking point of discussion for most of the game lovers worldwide. With these bundles, people are now able to save plenty of money and even assist the charities including Child’s play, The American Red Cross and lot more. Just apart from the above mentioned gaming bundles, Humble Bundle has another exciting aspect known as Humble Store. It is basically the extension of sales system being developed by the company. The store has been specifically created to help out the game developers to sell their games in convenient manner through their own website. Humble store definitely offers a painless experience to the buyers and act as an alternate marketplace for the game developers. Once as a game developer you are signed up with the store, you are served with a widget which can be included in your gaming website thus allowing users to purchase the game. The availability of bundles allowed buyer to have access to complete software titles after executing purchase from the store. Definitely there is still lot more to explore about Humble Bundle company and exact way of applying the store both as game developer and purchaser. Just keep on collecting useful information and support the charity cause carried out by the company.

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