Thursday, June 30, 2016

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Upgrade Your Gaming with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Are you a true PC gamer and drooling to have a powerful video card to support your gaming passion? If you are a true gamer, you may be very familiar with GeForce, one of the best video card series that every PC gamer knows. Technology grows so fast and as a gamer, somehow you may spend so much money to upgrade to the latest and greatest video card to get a better quality of your visual performance and more. Nvidia is one of leading manufacturers that makes GPUs with high-quality performance. Almost all of their products is aimed at mid to high-end class users. Some of them are indeed affordable too for low-end class. The latest series of their card is the Nvidia GeForce 980 and is has claimed as the current best GPU for this year but who guessed that there's going to be a new upgrade? It's time for the new 10 series, and there will be no call for 980 as the current best because GeForce GTX 1080 is here. Are you interested? We're so excited to make this news because Nvidia has officially announced that the series will come soon this year. If you see a previous video card from Nvidia and still think that it's awesome, this one must be far better and more exciting. Check out our information about the upcoming best video card from Nvidia here

Virtual Reality

There is a rumor that this video card supports virtual reality. Samsung VR has gone viral with the newest technology of virtual reality; Google cardboard had put its name earlier than Nvidia and Samsung, but now it's time for video card that can support this viral technology. VR allows you to have better performance of visual and you can get the pictures deeper and more real. It feels like you fall into the game and take a part as an actor of the game.

Three times faster

Coming with latest gaming technology, this GeForce GTX 1080 is claimed to three times faster than previous video cards by Nvidia.

New architecture

This comes with Pascal architecture where it has two times better and bigger performance from Maxwell that was used in GTX 980. This product also introduces a new generation of High Bandwith Memory. Is that interesting?

Awesome Memory

This GPU uses GDDR5X that allows you to access 8 GB frame buffer that will let you stay close to your gaming PC. Moreover, this lets you have super economic electricity because GeForce GTX 1080 only brings TDP with 180W. How cool is that?

Affordable Price

With less than $600, you’ll get this powerful GPU in your hand. Comparing with the previous one, this comes cheaper and yet more interesting and high in technology.

That’s all features you can get when you have GeForce GTX 1080. Coming with super speed, affordable price, bigger frame space and moreover, the most important thing is on the low power needed that will give you more economic electricity bill, so there is no need to worry when you are going to play the game online longer and longer. Keep yourself updating if you want to upgrade your gaming.