Monday, August 01, 2016

Bundle Stars Grand Master Bundle

To the battlefield! The brand new Grand Master Bundle is available now. Pick your tier and wage war with up to 17 Steam games & DLC, saving 98%!

Tier 1 - 10 keys for $2.49 / £1.89 / €2.49

Alea Jacta Est
Alea Jacta Est Cantabrian Wars DLC
Alea Jacta Est Spartacus 73BC DLC
Alea Jacta Est: Birth of Rome DLC
Alea Jacta Est: Parthian Wars DLC
Pride of Nations
Pride of Nations: American Civil War 1862 DLC
Pride of Nations: Spanish-American War 1898 DLC
Pride of Nations: The Franco-Prussian War 1870 DLC
Pride of Nations: The Scramble for Africa DLC

Tier 2 - 14 keys for $4.99 / £3.79 / €4.89

Civil War II
Civil War II: The Bloody Road South DLC
Revolution Under Siege Gold
Rise of Prussia Gold

Tier 3 - 17 keys for $6.99 / £5.29 / €6.69

To End All Wars
To End All Wars - Breaking the Deadlock DLC
Thirty Years' War