Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day Game Bundle

Pay What You Want for 10 Amazing Steam Games!

Take a load off and pay whatever price you'd like in The Labor Day GameBundle.  When you beat the average plus $0.25 you'll get all 10 Steam games.

Pay $1 or more for A-Gents and Scapeland.

Pay more than the average price and you’ll also unlock Adventure in the Tower of Flight, Absence, Melting Hearts: Our Love Will Grow 2, and Nordenfelt.

Pay $0.25 above the average price to get everything in the bundle which also includes JumpJet Rex – Galactic Edition, The Orphan Dreams, Benji Challenges, and Bathory: The Bloody Countess.

Labor Day Game Bundle



Beat the average

Adventure in the Tower of Flight
Melting Hearts: Our Love Will Grow 2

Beat the average + $0.25

JumpJet Rex
Galactic Edition
The Orphan Dreams
Benji Challenges
Bathory: The Bloody Countess