Tuesday, November 14, 2017

This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise (Release Trailer)

About the game:

Father's Promise DLC is an original tale set in the world of This War of Mine. It tells a story of family’s struggle to preserve the last pieces of humanity in times of despair and cruelty.

Become Adam - a father trying to save his daughter from the horrors of war and leave the besieged city. Follow their steps and discover a story of love, hate and sacrifice - the emotions we all share in the darkest of days.

DLC offers a brand new, distinctive experience with additional game mechanics and several hours of thought-provoking gameplay. It is also the opening of the first season of This War of Mine: Stories. The next episodes will follow in 2018.

The Father's Promise DLC introduces:

 - a brand new storyline based on an audio-drama written by the famous Polish author, Ɓukasz Orbitowski
 - 4 completely new locations with new characters
 - 5 reconstructed and remastered locations
 - set of new game mechanics: dialogue and clue searching systems
 - set of new story-based items