Saturday, January 12, 2019

Overgrowth 1.4 Update Trailer

New Drika's Story Mode:

- New story mode content in the Therium 2 universe
- Drastically improved version of the mod version of Drika’s Story (so it would be worth another playthrough if you’ve played the mod)
- A lot of new dialogue and levels
- Graphics updates (to the Steppes especially), and more character interactions

- Exposed most hidden parameters on characters, so they can be easily found in the editor UI
- Made AI fear mechanics fully customizable via editor params. Can now make rabbits not flee wolves, make non-wolves scary to other species, etc.
- Added parameter to make a specific character flee when health drops below specified value
- Cleaned up spawner items, added all working items to the spawner that were used in levels

- Many bug fixes. See the full change log (link above) for details
- Many new script APIs
- Several small improvements to the editor