Monday, June 29, 2020

CODE: SYN - Trailer (Cyberpunk Open World FPS)

CODE: SYN is Tencent's upcoming Cyberpunk open world FPS in development for PC and console. A real-time Unreal Engine 4 demo was released to show the goal of the studio. Striking visuals is one of the objectives, creating a game world that looks stunning and versatile.

Each one of the classes comes with a different pet to help it out, which could be a bear or a jaguar, among others. Besides the main character, you can also customize your cybernetic pet. So far, three classes are visible, but this is likely to change before the official release: Enforcer, Anarchy, and Motorheads. Characters are realistic yet stylish, with plenty of customization features and particular attention to the hair physics.

Vehicles can also be used and customized, from the different types to little details such as parts and decals. You can use these to explore the open world.