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Since the bad news broke out last week regarding the parent company of Desura & Indie Royale filing for bankruptcy, many people have been left confused as to what will happen to their purchased Desura games and bundle keys, so I just want to bring attention to this neat script.

Desura Collection Scraper by wisnoskij

It will scrape key information for all your Desura games located on your collection page

The basic idea is that you can manually, scrape all or one game Key page(s) Then, when the script knows that some specific game has a Steam key, and/or a GOG key it can insert those icons in its row, to let you know. Then, if you click the icon, it would show you the keys,

You can filter the keys by: Steam Keys, Desura Keys, GOG Keys, In-Game Keys, Misc Keys, Unclaimed Keys, etc. with even options to export the keys.

This script requires the Tampermonkey extension (Tested working in Firefox & Chrome)

1. Download the Tampermonkey extension
2. Install the script
3. Visit your Desura collections page
4. The script should automatically run and you will be able to see this:

Now let's just hope somebody buys out Desura & Indie Royale to keep it alive!