Bundle Stars Catastrophe Bundle

It's time to fuss over your Steam library with a paw-some new bundle! From only $1, grab 11 cat-based games that have an 88% average rating on Steam!

Bundle Stars Catastrophe Bundle

Tier 1

    Samudai (trading cards)
    Shooting Stars! (trading cards)
    Cat On A Diet (trading cards)
    Pix The Cat (trading cards)

Tier 2

    The Purring Quest (trading cards)
    Fort Meow (trading cards)
    Beyond Eyes (trading cards)
    Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora (trading cards)
    Nyan Cat: Lost In Space (trading cards)
    Mouse Craft (trading cards)

Tier 3

    Kittypocalypse: Ungoggled
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