Dynasty Warriors 9 - Trailer

Roaming off the beaten path, Dynasty Warriors 9 offers players a plethora of options outside the main quests. These include taking side quests, fighting beasts and bandits, creating your own equipment and much more.

View the brand new comprehensive trailer and prepare for a liberating Three Kingdoms experience where you are free to wander around a rich and vast continent and live through the tales of renowned heroes!

Dynasty Warriors 9 comes out on the 13th February 2018 for PC Steam, PS4 & Xbox One.

Pre-order Bonus: Comprised of seven costumes for fan-favourite characters, the bundle includes an imposing Beijing opera-style costume for Zhao Yun and six costumes inspired by traditional Chinese undergarment styles – one each for Guan Yinping, Diaochan, Sun Shangxiang, Lu Lingqi, Wang Yi, and Wang Yuanji.

Purchase the Digital Deluxe Version for additional content including the Season Pass, which will grant access to all future DLC for the title, and three original DYNASTY WARRIORS weapons: The Amethyst Iron Blade, The Crimson Ring Blade and The Jade Splendid Swords.