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The Scorched Acres Update brings content completely new to the Risk of Rain universe free for all owners of Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access

New Survivor - Unlock the next survivor REX, an overachieving sun-chasing robot that has evolved into a symbiotic life form with the healthy abundant plant on its head.

New Boss – The Grovetender: A hook-throwing caretaker of wisps found only in its home of Scorched Acres. And yes, there is a new song to welcome in this terrifying new boss.

New Stage – Scorched Acres: This stage takes place at sunset in a mysterious installation in the woods, filled with smog from the surrounding nearby fires.

New Enemy Affix: Malachite enemies can now spawn in later difficulties as high-tier elites.

New Items, Equipment, Drones and More: An arsenal of new items and equipment is now at players’ disposal. This includes two new drones, the Equipment Drone and the Incinerator Drone; Category Chests; six new items, such as the Old Guillotine and the Little Disciple; and three new types of equipment such as the Spinel Tonic.