Baldur’s Gate 3: Returning to the city after 20 years

Return to Baldur's Gate for the first time in 20 years as the iconic city prepares for war. Rediscover legendary locations, uncover new mysteries, and embark on a journey to shape the city's destiny. Though your journey hasn’t been easy, you arrive at a city preparing for war. As the Steel Watch patrols Baldur’s Gate’s labyrinthian streets, the printing press prepares the daily news cycle. There are factions within the city vying for control, all disagreeing on what to make of outside threats, and new faces within the city walls. Opportunity in times of struggle is rife. What you make of it -- and what it makes of you -- will be determined by your choices up to the city walls, and beyond their shadow. Baldur's Gate 3 launches August 31st on PC, Mac, PS5, and Nvidia GeForce NOW. Preordering on PC now will automatically upgrade you to the Digital Edition for free. On PS5, preordering the Deluxe Edition will give you access to 72hrs Early Access and many other goodies.