Windows 11 introduces a new Color Management page in Settings

In a recent Windows 11 Insider Preview, Microsoft has introduced a new color management settings page that promises to enhance both gaming and professional experiences. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Color Management Panel Update:

    • The color management panel in Windows 11 is undergoing significant changes.
    • The latest Canary and Dev builds (26052) reveal a revamped color management panel with improved profiles management.
    • Users can now assign profiles to each connected display more efficiently.
    • Automatic color management for applications helps the system choose the best color profile for specific apps.
    • The new color management also includes a built-in color calibration option.
  2. Where to Find It:

    • To access the new color management settings, navigate to Settings > System > Display > Color management.
    • This streamlined page allows users to add/remove color profiles and set defaults.
  3. Important Note:

    • These changes are currently available in the Dev and Canary channels.
    • While these builds are not meant for everyday use, they provide a glimpse of the upcoming improvements.
    • Gamers should be aware that some popular games may not work correctly on these builds initially, but bug fixes are expected over time.

In summary, Windows 11 is modernizing its color management options, benefiting both professionals seeking precise color reproduction and gamers looking for an improved visual experience. 🎨🖥️