Gmail on Android and iOS is Getting More AI Features

Gmail on Android and iOS is Getting More AI Features

Google has decided to enhance Gmail on Android and iOS by introducing several new Gemini-based features. These updates aim to make managing emails more efficient and user-friendly. Let’s dive into what’s coming:

  1. Summarize This Email: Soon, you’ll be able to use the “Summarize this email” feature on both iOS and Android. This button will appear under the subject line, allowing you to get a concise recap of longer email threads. Workspace Labs users will start getting access to this feature this week, with availability for more users in June.

  2. Gmail Q&A: The Gemini icon in the top-right corner of your inbox will let you enter prompts and ask various questions. This feature is set to roll out in July for Workspace Labs users on mobile.

  3. Contextual Smart Replies: Gmail will provide more customized and detailed smart reply suggestions by analyzing the context of an email. Expect this feature to start rolling out in July on both mobile and web.

Google aims to make Gmail the most powerful email client available, and these AI enhancements are a step in that direction. Whether you’re handling work conversations or personal emails, these features will help you manage your inbox more effectively. Stay tuned for these exciting updates! 🚀