NVIDIA and MediaTek to Collaborate on Next-Gen Mobile SoCs for PC Gaming Handhelds

NVIDIA and MediaTek Rumored to Collaborate on Next-Gen Mobile SoCs for PC Gaming Handhelds


Rumor Alert: NVIDIA and MediaTek in Talks for New Mobile Processor

According to industry sources, NVIDIA and MediaTek are reportedly working together to design a next-generation flagship mobile processor. This collaboration could mark NVIDIA’s entry into a new market segment, following its focus on high-power desktop and data-center GPUs.


Key Points:

  1. Mobile Processor with Enhanced AI and Gaming Support:
    • The next-gen mobile processor is expected to offer improved support for artificial intelligence (AI) and gaming.
    • NVIDIA’s technology and resources position it well to meet MediaTek’s requirements for this endeavor.
  1. Not Just for Phones:
    • The architecture being developed won’t only go into mobile phones but also Windows laptops using the Arm architecture (Windows on Arm).
    • MediaTek aims to integrate an NVIDIA GPU into its flagship mobile processor by 2024.
  1. NVIDIA’s History with Low-Power GPUs:
    • NVIDIA has experience designing low-power GPU architectures, having developed Tegra SoCs for products like the Nintendo Switch.
    • The collaboration could lead to exciting advancements in mobile computing and gaming.
  1. Samsung’s Similar Move:
    • Samsung recently extended its GPU licensing agreement with AMD, using RDNA2 architecture for its Exynos 2200 mobile processors.
    • Rumors suggest RDNA might make a comeback with Samsung’s Exynos 2400 SoC next year.

Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting collaboration unfolds!