NVIDIA & MediaTek Working On SoC For Gaming Handhelds & Consoles

Let’s dive into the exciting world of gaming handhelds and consoles. 🎮

NVIDIA and MediaTek: A New SOC for Gaming Handhelds and Consoles



NVIDIA and MediaTek are reportedly collaborating on a brand new System-on-Chip (SOC) that aims to power gaming handhelds and consoles. This development could mark NVIDIA’s return to the console gaming segment, and it’s generating quite a buzz in the tech community.

The Rumor

According to a leaker on Twitter (@XpeaGPU), MediaTek is working on a next-gen gaming handheld SOC that will feature NVIDIA’s GPU IP. The motivation behind this collaboration is the perceived potential in the gaming handheld market. The SOC is said to be different from other semi-custom solutions NVIDIA is working on with MediaTek, and several Chinese clients have already expressed interest in these chips.


Historical Context

NVIDIA has a rich history in the gaming space. The company powered the original Xbox console and the Sony PS3. However, the traditional game console market has since shifted to AMD, which now dominates with its Zen and RDNA architectures. Despite this, NVIDIA remains relevant in the handheld gaming arena, thanks to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Connection

Interestingly, the rumor mill suggests that NVIDIA’s frustration with Nintendo might be driving this collaboration. The Nintendo Switch, powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra SOC, has been a massive success. Still, NVIDIA’s Shield handheld and Shield TV platforms also utilized Tegra SOCs. Now, with MediaTek’s involvement, we might see a fresh take on handheld gaming hardware.


Dimensity SOCs and RTX & AI GPU IP

In related news, MediaTek’s upcoming Dimensity SOCs will incorporate NVIDIA’s next-gen RTX and AI GPU IP based on the Blackwell architecture. While these Dimensity SOCs primarily target the automotive segment, it’s clear that both companies are exploring various opportunities.


As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, NVIDIA and MediaTek’s collaboration could lead to exciting innovations in handheld gaming devices and consoles. Keep an eye out for further updates as this story develops!

Remember, this information is based on rumors and leaks, so take it with a grain of salt. But the prospect of a new SOC powering gaming hardware is undeniably intriguing. 🚀