Clevo’s Leaked CPU Laptop Roadmap: Intel vs. AMD

Clevo’s Leaked CPU Laptop Roadmap: Intel vs. AMD


Clevo, a major laptop manufacturer, recently suffered a security breach that exposed confidential documents. Among these were roadmaps detailing Intel and AMD’s one- and two-year plans for their CPU products. Let’s dive into the key points revealed by these leaks.

Intel’s Arrow Lake and Beyond

  1. Arrow Lake-H and Arrow Lake-HX (Q4 2024)

    • Intel is set to launch the Arrow Lake-H and Arrow Lake-HX CPUs in the fourth quarter of this year.
    • The roadmap hints at an “Arrow Lake Refresh,” but specifics remain undisclosed. The ++TOPS message suggests an upgrade to the Neural Processing Unit (NPU).
    • The Refresh is slated for a 2025 release.
  2. Panther Lake-H and U Series (Q4 2025)

    • Intel’s Panther Lake-H and U series are expected to debut in late 2025, continuing through 2026.

AMD’s Roadmap: A Mix of Accuracy and Outdated Info

  1. Strix Point Series (Announced, July 2024)

    • Contrary to the roadmap, the Strix Point series has already been announced and is set to launch in July 2024.
    • Strix Halo, featuring 16 cores and the XDNA2 processor, aligns with Strix Point and Kraken Point (previously covered).
  2. Fire Range: AMD’s Next-Gen HX Platform

    • Fire Range, AMD’s high-end HX platform, will boast 16 cores and launch alongside X3D SKUs.

Caveats and Conclusion

  • Take It with a Grain of Salt
    • Remember that these roadmaps may not be up-to-date. Use them as a reference but remain cautious.
    • The AMD roadmap, in particular, inaccurately places the Strix Point series launch date.
  • Intel vs. AMD
    • Clevo’s leak sheds light on the fierce competition between Intel and AMD, especially in the high-performance laptop market.