NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang to Keynote SIGGRAPH 2024: Graphics for the New Computing Revolution

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang to Keynote SIGGRAPH 2024: Graphics for the New Computing Revolution

SIGGRAPH 2024, the premier conference for computer graphics, is set to host NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, as the opening keynote speaker. The topic of his address? “Graphics for the New Computing Revolution.”

Jensen Huang: A Visionary Leader

Jensen Huang, who founded NVIDIA in 1993, has been at the helm since its inception. His impressive track record includes serving as president, chief executive officer, and a board member. Huang’s accolades extend beyond the tech world; he’s been elected to the National Academy of Engineering and received prestigious awards such as the Semiconductor Industry Association’s Robert N. Noyce Award, the IEEE Founder’s Medal, and the Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award. Honorary doctorate degrees from National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University, and Oregon State University further highlight his contributions. Notably, he’s been recognized as the world’s best CEO by The Economist, Harvard Business Review, and Fortune, and TIME magazine has named him one of the 100 most influential people. Huang holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from Oregon State University and Stanford, respectively.

Keynote Highlights

Jensen Huang’s SIGGRAPH 2024 Keynote Presentation is scheduled for Monday, July 29. In this fireside chat, he will delve into how generative AI and accelerated computing are reshaping industries like manufacturing. The convergence of AI and advanced computing—from AI-powered PCs to smart factories and digital twins—is driving transformative innovation and growth.

What to Expect

Last year at SIGGRAPH 2023, NVIDIA made waves by announcing RTX Ada Workstation GPUs and updating the Hopper family with the GH200. Now, all eyes are on the future. NVIDIA is poised to introduce its next-gen Blackwell consumer GPUs, expected to arrive around late 2024. Will we get a sneak peek during the keynote? Perhaps. NVIDIA’s client and AI roadmap features intriguing chips like Blackwell Ultra, Rubin, and Rubin Ultra. While the GPU roadmap for consumers hasn’t seen major updates recently, the company might surprise us with insights into the next workstation-oriented RTX offerings.

Beyond hardware, NVIDIA continues to push the boundaries in computer graphics. RTX technology remains at the forefront, empowering next-gen gaming and content creation. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements during SIGGRAPH 2024!