ASUS Motherboards Will Support Windows 11’s Dynamic Lighting

ASUS Motherboards Will Support Windows 11’s Dynamic Lighting

One of the challenges with RGB lighting has been the lack of standardization. While ARGB has attempted to address this issue, syncing up RGB lighting across various peripherals and hardware can still be tricky due to the need for third-party software. However, Microsoft’s Dynamic Lighting feature aims to simplify this, and now Asus is joining the list of manufacturers embracing it for their motherboards.

What Is Dynamic Lighting?

Dynamic Lighting allows users to control RGB lighting directly from their operating system’s settings. With Asus’ move, you’ll be able to modify your motherboard’s RGB lighting without relying on separate apps like Asus’ Armory Crate or third-party tools. Other hardware makers, such as Logitech, have also rolled out support for Dynamic Lighting over the past year.

How Does It Work?

The feature leverages the open HID LampArray standard, providing native control of RGB lighting devices. Asus has released beta BIOS updates for its AMD 600 and Intel 700 series motherboards, enabling Dynamic Lighting support. A full release is expected in the coming weeks, so it’s advisable to wait for the stable version.

Benefits of Dynamic Lighting Integration:

  1. Streamlined User Experience: Basic controls for brightness, colors, and effects are available, making it easier to manage your RGB setup.
  2. Compatibility: By avoiding third-party software like OpenRGB, you sidestep potential compatibility issues.
  3. No More Armory Crate: You won’t need Asus’ Armory Crate tool; instead, use native RGB controls in Windows.
  4. Intel Z790 Update: The beta BIOS updates for Intel Z790 models also include a microcode update to address game crashing issues with Intel processors.

If you’re a fan of RGB lighting, this development is significant. While older motherboards won’t receive this feature, any newer generation motherboard from Asus will benefit from Dynamic Lighting integration.