Freeware Games

Free games for your PC, try all of them at least once! There's absolutely no reason not to. This list is not for shareware or "freemium" titles, but for games that can be legally obtained 100% free of charge.

Download links for each can be found in the Description. The type column will be one of the following:
  • .exe : available as an executable for Windows (or windows emulator)
  • .dmg : available as a package for Mac OSX
  • .tgz : available as source or package for Linux
  • .swf : Shockwave flash; play in a webpage, or download it and play off your harddrive
  • .jar : You need a Java virtual machine, might run on your smartphone too
  • DOS: Runs on DOS and anything that has DOSBox (BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, and Windows)
  • steam : freebie from Valve via the Steam online store
  • online : can only be played with a net connection (probably because it's multiplayer only)
  • .zblorb, .z1, .z2, .z3, .z4, .z5, .z6, .z7, or .z8 - Z-machine files used for text adventures

Game ScreenTitleGenreTypeDescription
.flow (dot flow)Adventure, Mindfuck.exeAlong with Yume 2kki, .flow is one of the most popular fangames inspired by the legendary Yume Nikki. This one has you play as a mysterious white-haired girl named Sabitsuki as you explore a surreal and troubling world. Like Yume Nikki, nothing is ever explained in .flow, and fans have published numerous theories regarding the game and its meanings. Unlike Yume Nikki, however, .flow is filled with horror elements as well as a LOT of violent and disturbing imagery. If you loved Yume Nikki, it's a pretty safe bet you'll like this as well.Link.
10800 ZombiesPlatformer.exeA simple, silly little survival-laughter platformer that has you taking on a fuckton of zombies. Everything is simple, but over-the-top fun, with fountains of blood and a goofy fast-rock soundtrack. You can only carry two weapons at a time, the better ones having limited ammo, so fire with care. Short, but sweet.
10 Minute Space StrategyTurn-based Strategy.exeA space turn-based strategy game; games are short, but certainly longer than the Ten minutes the title implies. Not much to the game, but enjoyable.
Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous WondermentSpace Adventure.exe
Space adventure where you explore the galaxy, trade, fight, etc. Has quite a few culture references some may not pick up on.
Ace of SpadesFPS / Sandbox.exe, online
Minecraft with guns. Build bases and tunnels while shooting enemies: it's fucking awesome. The last few updates have messed up the gameply a bit, but it's still worth a try. Link.
Action FistPlatformer / Run and Gun.exeLink.
AetherPuzzle / Platformer.exe, .swfLink.
Ai to Yuuki to KashiwamochiPuzzle.exeAnother cute little puzzle game from the maker of Irisu Syndrome. Ai-chan dreams of eating sweets, and we're just in luck because the gameplay is pretty similar to Yoshi's Cookie. But it's not as straightforward as that. Like Irisu Syndrome, it eventually progresses into something far more dark and sinister.Link.
Alien SwarmShoot 'em UpsteamAn online coop top-down shooter, players must work together to advance through levels, completing objectives along the way. as missions are completed, extra weapons and tools are unlocked for the player to use. Originally an unreal tournament 2k4 mod, Valve hired the mod team and during their employment, they remade the game in the source engine in their spare time. (Screenshot is of the old UT2k4 mod version.)
All of Our Friends Are DeadRun and Gun.exeA frightening, disturbing, trippy, and fun run-and-gun platform shooter that can perhaps best be described as Contra on a really bad acid trip; a hellish work of art replete with some of the strangest and most unsettling images you're ever likely to see in a game. The industrial rock soundtrack and bizarre first-person plural writing only contribute to the highly surreal and drug-like nature of this nightmarish trip. If this sounds like your kind of thing then, by all means, download it. You won't be disappointed.Link.
Ao OniSurvival Horror, Puzzle.exeA freeware horror game done in RPG Maker. Similar to Clock Tower but with a more cliched plot. A group of middle schoolers go to investigate a haunted mansion where people supposedly do not return from, because they are devoured by a blue demon. Even though the Ao Oni looks laughable, there are some genuinely scary moments in this short game. Untranslated currently Now translated, but all of the puzzles can be done without knowing Japanese except for one. (Answer to said puzzle)
Apocalyptic Game About Penguins, The (a.k.a. TAGAP)Run and Gun.exeLink.
Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 2, The (a.k.a. TAGAP 2)Run and Gun.exeLink.
ASCIIpOrtalPuzzle / Platformer.exeLink.
ASCII SectorSpace Privateer / Roguelike.exe, .tgz, .dmgA de-make of the classic Elite / Frontier series. Start with a dinky scoutship, merchant your way around or take bounties to acquire cash and disregard graphics. There are quests you could follow, or not, and player-created quests you can plug into existing save games without needing to start over. Link.
Au SableRun and Gun.exeA relatively short Run 'n Gun game with a haunting sound track and really well done and disturbing art. Play as the titular Au Sable as she guns down horrifying enemies and searches for her lost sister. Or something. The plot is a little open for interpretation. A must play for /x/philes.
BaboViolent2Top-down Shooter.exe, onlineLink.
Banana NababaSurvival / Action.exeEssentially Boss Rush Mode: The Game. Very difficult, very fun. The story is pretty funny if you look into it too, but it's not important.
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: GaidenRPG.exeMay be one of the the greatest (freeware) RPG ever made. You play as Charles Barkley, a once-great B-Baller who lives in the dystopian city of Neo New York, who goes on an epic quest to stop a second Ballocaust from the evil organization B.L.O.O.D.M.O.S.E.S., aided by the octoroon great-grandson of Lebron James, Balthios, a space-traveling dwarf with a skin made of basketballs named Cyberdwarf, and his son Hoopz, and bring back the slams and the jams once more. The battle system is turn-based with action commands. The story is both dramatic and hilarious at the same time, and the dialogue and all the off-beat references will leave you wanting for more. The only flaw is that it ends.
Battle for Wesnoth, TheTurn-based Strategy.exe, .dmg, .tgzFantasy strategy game where much of the game's units, music, artwork, and campaigns are player contributed. The game plays on a hex based system, with terrain affecting the accuracy of attacks and unit movement. Six well-balanced factions are available for play at the start. It makes you really feel like you're commanding an army by having you level troops into hardened veterans, which you can recall for future battles. Dozens of custom units are available for single player and multiplayer by downloading player mods known as "eras". Fantastic quality considering it's freeware. Download stable version if you just want to play the game without too many bugs.
Battleships ForeverReal-Time Strategy.exe
A game with Space battles,Inspired by Warning Forever. You can play through a Limited Story and a few Guantlet scenarios. Community has spent most of their time building overpowered ships for the game, so other than the ShipBuilder, the game doesn't have much content; Has a Mission Editor, but it sucks.
Beats of Rage / OpenBORBeat 'em Up.exe, .dmg, .tgz, Wii, PSP, EVERYTHINGThis is the MUGEN of side-scrolling beatemups. You can find already made game modules (sprites, backgrounds, plot, music) for Final Fight, Marvel Superheroes, Golden Axe, Edd Ed & Eddy, Sailor Moon, Double Dragon, hell make your own. Beats of Rage isn't in development anymore, so OpenBOR's the one you should get.
Beneath a Steel SkyAdventure / Point 'N Click.exe, .tgzClassic adventure style game that follows Robert Foster on a journey through a cyberpunk-esque metropolis. Requires ScummVM to be played, or you can download it from Also available as an iPhone app, but it costs cash, apparently. Fun fact: the background art is drawn by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame.
Ben There, Dan That!Adventure.exeBen There, Dan That! and its sequel, Time Gentlemen, Please! are two hilarious and silly indie adventures with MS Paint graphics filled with meta humor humour and references to old LucasArts games. Plays just like Sam & Max Hit the Road and obviously took a lot of inspiration from it. You can get both at once for five bucks on Steam or just download Ben There, Dan That! for free.Link.
BetweenExperimentalsteam, .exe, onlineIn Between, an online-multiplayer-only game by acclaimed indie developer Jason Rohrer (of Passage and Inside a Star-Filled Sky fame), there are three dimensions which you can cycle through by going to sleep or waking. When you wake up, you take the blocks in the wooden structure with you as a spawnable small block which you can use to build the towers. The co-op part is that one of the three dimensions is "shared" and you see all of the blocks the other player spawns in their negative colors and vice versa. If you put blocks of the same color in the structure, you can spawn in the other dimensions. This game is very obtuse and has no clear goals, but it may be interesting to experiment with for a while. Give it a shot if you enjoy artsy, experimental games.Link.
Black ShadesFPS / Bodyguard Sim.exeYou are a psychic bodyguard, and your duty is to protect the VIP in white. You must protect him from increasing hordes of snipers, gunmen, muggers, and even the hordes of the undead using a variety of weapons, ranging from a simple knife to grenades. If you or he dies, you restart the level. Have fun on the grenade levels.

Blind Monk's SocietyCan't see shit simHL2 modAfter getting your eyes pecked out by ravenous ravens, you are to be inducted into the Blind Monk's Society, and to prove you've got what it takes, you're given simple tasks to navigate through your blindness. A HL2 mod, so you'll need the Source SDK to run it. It's not too long at all, but it's interesting and quite immersive. Protips: Wear headphones and bind Q and E to turn so that you can turn in small measured amounts. Link.
BlockBreakout.exeA funny-as-hell breakout game with levels that you're supposed to clear as fast as possible, which most of the levels facilitate with blocks that break to release either one ball or a nonstop stream of balls. You start each level with 10 balls you can launch from your paddle whenever you want. The power-ups include big paddle, small paddle, full-screen paddle, tiny balls, giant balls, reverse gravity, and an infinity symbol that gives you infinite balls for 20 seconds.
Doesn't include sounds or music, but you can add your own with specific filenames, including a secondary song that plays while you have infinite balls (Fist of the North Star makes it goddamn hilarious).
[Depending on your OS, you may need other software to force the game to run in a window and use 16-bit color. I tried on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop and got the sprites to show the right colors, but they have pink boxes around them from transparency not being applied.]
BlocksumPuzzle.exeLink. like tetris but with maths, very odd and takes a bit of time to get usd to but when you 'get' it, it's fairly nice.
Blue Wish Resurrection / PlusShoot 'em Up.exeA doujin shooter that draws heavy influence from Cave's works. Has multiple difficulty settings and passive options ranging from casual (Heaven/Guard) to damn near impossible (Hell/Accel). Very bullet heavy and score-centric, enticing the player to risk waiting on cancels for huge score bonuses. Plus adds more bullets and a slowdown option when the screen is completely full.Japanese site
Bonesaw: The GameAction / Platformer.exeLink.
Bridge BuilderPuzzle.exeLink.
Cactus ArcadeGame compilation.exeLink.
Cactus Arcade IIGame compilation.exeLink.
Cat and the Coup, ThePuzzlesteamA "documentary game", this clever indie arthouse puzzler uses fun, simple puzzle mechanics and wonderfully artistic animation to tell a fascinating chunk of Iranian history. The game is extremely short, but it's free, and certainly worth checking out. It will be a long time before any major game company is ever willing to release something so bold, original, and daring. This game proves that you CAN make a fun game that also teaches you something.
Cave StoryMetroidvania.exe, .dmg, .tgz and a PSP portWidely considered to be one of the best freeware games and the great pioneer of modern indie game development. Good story, great Metroidvania gameplay and cute pixel graphics and chiptune music (composed on the creator's custom program no less!). Also on Wiiware with slightly different options, DSiWare in original flavor with some nifty touchscreen bonuses, and soon on 3DS, but remixed and remastered.
Chak's TempleShoot 'em Up.exeA shoot 'em up Game which goes in a very different artistic direction. The varying locations, lots of bonus levels and the Diablo II-like graphics makes the game really a stand alone classic.
ChalkArcade / Shoot 'em Up.exeDestroy your opponents using your drawing skills. Very clever and polished, but like too often with these sort of games, the game ends a bit quickly. &file=9 Link.
Cho Ren Sha 68KShoot 'em Up.exeA famous manic shooter for the Sharp X68000 released in 1995. Later ported to Windows 98 and released as freeware. Gameplay is straightforward but challenging, especially after beating the first loop. Tip: Stay inside the power-ups to collect all 3 at once! Run in compatibility mode on Windows XP. The original X68000 disc image is also available (provided you know how to work an emulator).
Chzo MythosAdventure.exeBefore he became "Internet Famous" for his witty video game reviews, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw actually made some games himself.  A number of them turned out to be quite good, the best of which is the series of adventure/horror games known as the Chzo Mythos. They're free to download off of his site. Prepare for pixelated, but disturbing, scenes of slaughter.
Codename: GordonRun&Jumpsteam
Codename: Gordon is a 2D flash-based side-scrolling shoot 'em up developed by Nuclear Vision for Valve Software.
CoilExperimentalsteam, .swf"Coil is a game with no instruction or clear direction. Please keep an open mind while playing." So reads the opening of Coil, an experimental flash game from Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. Coil tells a sad (yet highly mysterious) tale woven between small minigames involving sperm and conception. Whether you find it compelling or pretentious will depend entirely on your tastes. Nevertheless, give it a try.Link.
Company of Heroes OnlineRTS.exe, onlineCompany of Heroes Online is the free-to-play multiplayer game of WWII RTS game Company Of Heroes. Contains campaign mission of the original game for free. It's FREE (to play, but has freemium bonuses, i.e. a "grind 10 hours for this piece of content or pay $5 to get it now" ordeal.
Containment BreachSurvival Horror.exeSCP – Containment Breach is a free survival horror game written in Blitz3D. You are playing as one of the workers of an SCP Containment Site, when something goes wrong and you find yourself trapped inside the dark building with several escaped SCPs. Has randomized maps, a blink meter (trust us, you need it), two difficulty settings and much more. Link.
Crayon PhysicsPuzzle.exeAn ingenious little indie puzzler, Crayon Physics tasks you with drawing lines, shapes, and any number of objects in order to guide a ball through an obstacle course to collect stars scattered across the levels without the ball falling off. An enhanced and expanded version, known as Crayon Physics Deluxe, has been released on PC and iOS to universal acclaim (although it is not free).Link.
Dardius BurstShoot 'em Up.swfA shmup homage game inspired by Gradius, and Darius. The game plays like Gradius, but has multiple stage paths and fish based enemies like Darius. There's also a bit of Parodius to be seen, as the obstacles and enemies you fight are goofily rendered photos of aquatic creatures and food products made from them. A surprisingly solid, though rather tough game that's worth a play through. Link.
DarkverseSpace Adventure.exe
Currently InDev, you can fly around shooting up enemies, upgrading your ship and taking missions; Currently saving only saves your ship Configuration.
Dead CyborgExploration / Adventure.exeA free sci-fi adventure where you explore 'the meaning of life and death... in a rusty post-apocalyptic metan and concrete world'; Released in episodes, currently only 1/3 have been released. Link.
Death WormAction.exe, .swfLink.
Loosely based on the Shadow Run Universe, you play a hacker (Decker) trying to make ends meet.
Depict1Platformer / Mind fuck.exe, .swfA platform designed to annoy you. It has a solid platforming, but the most interesting aspect of the game are the levels which need a tad bit of cunning. Warning: This game has two endings!
Desktop Dungeons (Alpha)Roguelike / Puzzle.exe, html5A twist on roguelike genre: the entire map is just one screen, monsters don't move and Fog Of War is the most valuable resource. Amazingly deep for a game where one session rarely plays for longer than 15 minutes, has a nice balance between classes (there are eighteen and each one of them offers quite a differing experience) and offers a wide variety of challenges with special dungeons, Ranked mode, Gauntlet and a story mode.Currently in Beta. Not free, but has new art, a dungeon prep system, quests, and huge balance overhauls.Link.
Desolate Room, TheRPG.exeAn isolated walking coffee machine that collects eggs explores the memories of his broken robot friends by logging on to an 8-bit virtual world with corrupted pieces of code that the robots' memories powered by the eggs fight against. Has a great, involving battle system, 2D/3D graphics (akin to Donkey Kong Country) and a disorienting plot. No options for controls or resolution. (unstable at points) Link.
Digital: A Love StoryVisual novel.exeLink.
Dildo TankAction.exeAn absurdist shooter with deliberately terrible graphics and badly written dialogue (on purpose, of course), Dildo Tank has you taking control of a dildo-shooting machine on wheels as you shoot poisonous dildos into the vaginas of headless women trying to destroy earth. Obviously, this game has graphic sexual content, but players can choose to place censors over the nudity.Link.
Dink SmallwoodAction/Adventure RPG.exe
You play as Dink Smallwood, A pigfarmer in a small village. Shit-ton of mods made by the community. Released as Freeware back in '99.
Don't Look BackPlatformer / Mind fuck.exe, .swfA Flash game that looks like it belongs on the Atari 2600. The gameplay is simple: run, jump, shoot. The difficulty is in the upper echelons of freeware games. Whenever you 'die' you start right back at the same screen, so you'll never have to start over. Written by the same guy as VVVVV. The atmosphere is stellar, the music haunting, and the ending is chillingly sad. The only fault of the game is that it's extremely short: a skilled gamer could finish in ten minutes. Others find it boring and ugly. It's a game that splits opinion. Play it and see if you like it.
WARNING: Has a story that is implied instead of outright told, and it's not a bad story for a "2DEEP4U" indie game, but for some players, certain sections will frustrate you to the point of making you not give a fuck about the story. Just a friendly forewarning. {C {C}Link.
Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your storyVisual novel.exeLink.
Doom 64 EXFPS.exeA perfect port of the Nintendo 64 Doom game, and arguably a better alternative than Doom 64 TC. Doesn't add levels and things that weren't there, plays like a charm. The only thing you'll need is a Doom 64 ROM from which to extract the data. There are even some PWADs/mods for this release. Get it here. The site also has modding tools, so all you oldschool Doomers can go nuts.wad
DOOM 64 TCFPS.exeA nearly perfect port of the N64 game. Based on a modified Doomsday engine. Has new levels and a few new enemies recolors. You can also make your own levels with Doombuilder 1. Requires a copy of doom2.wad in order to play. If you don't have that wad then an n64 emulator and a rom will do fine.Link.
Dungeon Crawl Stone SoupRoguelike.exeLink.
Dungeons of FayteRPG / Sim / Co-op.exe
You spend some of your time in the dungeon, killing monsters and getting gold, and the rest of your time in town training and building stats. You can play with up to 4 players on a single computer.
Dwarf FortressSimulation / Neck Bearding.exe, .tgzYou start with a few dwarves and try to build a fortress while avoiding savage animals, fighting goblin assaults, trading with elves, etc... The game is really a simulation, with lots and lots of parameters. For example, EVERY single living thing has a separate health counter for EVERY body part. Very hard to learn, check a tutorial on the Internet and use the wiki, as the game is nearly impenetrable otherwise. Original game has ASCII graphics, but mods can replace them with sprites. Also, the current version is somewhat faster and uses a better graphic renderer, so you should probably use that instead.Official site
Earth Space FleetSpace Sim.exeFly around in space ship, fight the enemy, and don't die. Fairly long campaign; also,>Year 2134 (Games homesite Link blocked by wiki spam filter)
EgressAdventure.exeEgress is a short form sci-fi adventure game set in the outer reaches of space. The story begins when you, the commander of a two man recon team, are sent hurtling into space during maintenance on an interplanetary probe. After a sudden attack from an alien black substance, you awake on a mysterious planet.
Elder Scrolls: Arena, TheRPGDOSThe first Elder Scrolls game, a huge, open ended RPG with a classic DnD ruleset and feel in first person. As long as you have the patience and are okay with older looking games, then it's so worth it. Especially at a measly 9 MB. You will need DOSbox to play this. Elder Scrolls wiki with files.
Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, TheRPGDOSThe second Elder Scrolls game. Like the first, enjoy a huge open ended world in a classic, first person RPG. Tons of fun. This one's memory useage disk space use is a lot steeper (at 148 MB), since the game's graphics and sound are much better, but it's totally worth it. You will need DOSbox to play this. Elder Scrolls wiki with files.
ElonaRoguelike.exeHave you ever wanted to unleash a pandemic that makes you squirt Aliens out of your dick? Nuke a god damn town? How about killing elder gods with only a pair of fucking panties in your hand? Elona is unique among other rougelikes in the way it has a huge open world to explore, decent sprite-based graphics and is clowntits fucking insane in every conceivable way.
It’s a shame it’s not being updated anymore, but a brave soul is working on creating a Java port of the game. {C}Get it here.
Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation HibernationAction / Driving.exeLink. you're a bear, in a truck, get some salmon and kick some ass.
EpiarSpace Adventure.exeEpiar is an open source, open-ended space action/trading game, currently in development.Link.
Eric Ruth GamesDeveloper / Varied.exe
Quite a few worthwhile games here, some not-so-much, but the Dev is improving.Currently has (10) games.
Eternal DaughterMetroidvania.exeExcellent Metroidvania platformer from Blackeye Software, with graphics by Derek Yu, a great soundtrack, and a story that's more than just an intro and ending. The areas and boss battles get tough pretty quickly, mainly because it's hard to tell how long you're invincible for between hits.
EversionPlatformer.exeA good old classic platformer with a twist.
ExceptionShoot 'em Up / Cubes.exeCUBES! CUBES!! CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBES! A game were you shoot big cubes into smaller cubes. Using both keyboard and mouse is a bit tricky though. Game is mostly in Japanese but with enough English for you to play.
Every ExtendShoot 'em Up / Arcade / Experimental.exeNo weapons. Self-destruct only. Final destination. From the people behind Rez. Also on PSP as Every Extend Extra and XBLA as Every Extend Extra Extreme.Link.
Fa├žadeInteractive fiction / Adventure.exeAn short interactive fiction in which you try to fix Trip and Grace's marriage. Just don't say melons. Link.
Female High School Student VS Space Pirate Corps (roughly translated)Run and Gun.swfSomeone was doing some actionscript experimentation, and decided to make a fun and surprisingly solid game from it. There's no sound or music, but the controls are well done and the action moves along favorably. Although the game homages the classics like the Metal Slug and Contra series in enemies and weaponry, it uses very Master System-esque graphics (with some liberties), creating a tasty mix of old and new-schools. The difficulty is moderate, but fair. Definitely give it a play when you can. I recommend doing so to music from Metal Slug and/or Contra series or something like them for extra radness.
FetusPuzzle / Platformer.exeAn atmospheric puzzle game. Its successor Sutef is also free.
Final Fantasy VII FCJRPG.exeMade from the same guys who made Rockman 7&8 Famicom, it's FF7 8-Bit! Basically FF7, but like the classic ones. Can be found here.
FiNCK (a.k.a. Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer)Puzzle / Platformer.exeFiNCK is a fun puzzle-platformer inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2 and Lyle in Cube Sector. Gameplay is very similar to Lyle, but with less focus on action and power-ups and more focus on puzzles that involve picking up blocks, enemies, bombs, and keys with five worlds to explore and hidden coins to collect. The game and the level editor are free, but you'll have to pay $4 if you want to play user-created content.Link.
FlywrenchAction.exeEasily best-known for having its main character featured in Super Meat Boy, Flywrench is a terrific little action game that has you guiding some kind of stick/ship/wrench thing around an increasingly difficult obstacle course, flapping and changing colors to avoid certain death. The minimalistic, avant-garde music will either be awesome or ear-raping, depending on your tastes. Give it a try: Link.
Forever EdenSpace Adventure.exeCurrently InDev, You can go around Mining asteroids, Upgrading your ship, blasting Hostiles, refueling, and docking on the one space station - Has a nice selection of ships though.
Forget-Me-NotAction / Maze.exeForget-Me-Not is one of the best retro arcade tributes to come around in a long time. This is not just another lame title capitalizing on the "retro" fad. This is the real deal. Forget-Me-Not looks, plays, and sounds exactly like a coin-op arcade title straight from the 1980s. Gameplay feels like a mix of Pac-Man, Venture, and Galaga as you traverse mazes, collect flowers, shoot enemies, and collect keys to open doors to new mazes. A very fun and clever game, Forget-Me-Not is also available in a paid iOS version.Link.
FraxyShoot 'em Up.exe
An arena shooter for boss battles. There is plenty of user-made content for it.
FrogattoPlatformer.exe, .tgzA gorgeous looking platformer with somewhat clunky controls. You control a frog whose main abilities are jump and tonguing. He can also swim. There's some hidden secrets to find and also bosses to battle. The story, like the graphics and music, is cute, if nonsensical.
Galactic CommandosPuzzle.swfA homage to The Lost Vikings series. you control 3 commandos separately and get them all to the goal while using each of their skills to navigate the stages. Short, but sweet, especially if you haven't played TLV in a while. Addendum: Though available on the dev's site, the link used allows alternate controls.
Gang Garrison 2Online Multiplayer / Run and Gun.exe, onlineTeam Fortress 2 "demake" with side-scrolling 2D pseudo 8-bit graphics and music. It only lacks good lag-free servers (sometimes). Like TF2, you can make your own maps, though not as many game modes are available. Despite the title, there is no Gang Garrison 1.Link.
Gemcraft: Chapter ZeroTower Defense.swfDefend your tower from waves of attacking monsters by creating and handling gems. Surprisingly in-depth and challenging for a Flash game. Not to mention addictive.
Ghost HackerTower Defense.swfA cyber-themed tower defense game. Defend yourself from internet baddies by running tower programs and upgrading them with abilities to protect your data cores.
GIGADEEPPlatformer / Shooting.exeReminiscent of Megaman X complete with Boss intro screens. Only in Japanese but the only buttons you need are X and Z for jump and shoot. Has a moderate difficulty that can be adjustable for each playthrough.
Golden Axe MythBeat 'Em Up.exeFan-made chapter to the Golden Axe Trilogy. Includes new designs you may or may not like, but deliciously improved gameplay, some kickass music tracks, and some other neat extras. Even though the new artstyle raises eyebrows, the spritework and animations are damn cool. Seeing some of those huge and detailed sprites in motion is simply decadent. Even though there's no netplay, up to 4 players can slice-n'-dice at a time, and you can even unlock new characters,, each with their own skills and magic! If you've been hankering for some classic arcade action with a modern twist, look no further. Get the free artbook and free OST from the site, too!Link.
Grand Theft AutoAction / Adventure.exeLink. the original game, fixed up to work on modern pcs. classic
Grand Theft Auto 2Action / Adventure.exeLink. the sequel to the original game, fixed up to work onmodern pc's, not as good but still great.
Gravity BoneAction / Adventure / FPS.exeLink. stylish spy quest, very short but very good.
Guardian of Paradise Action-Adventure.exeA little known game that draws inspiration from Zelda and Beyond Oasis. You get different elemental spirits, each of which has multiple abilities. Change your active spirit by collecting different elemental coins. This is a simple system that is used very cleverly as you never gain more MP than you start with, and as a result several puzzles use this to make you think of the best solution. Gorgeous levels and design, and has pretty fun boss fights and music. Full English Translation The game is under the game "Buster", which isn't free.
Gunbound ClassicArtillery Game.exeWorms-like multiplayer action with cute graphics. Equip and upgrade your characters and rise up the ranks. Pretty addictive and perfect for LANs, in fact, playing with someone you know is advised because the community is facepalm fodder (HUA HUE HUA HUE HUA). Link.
GunroarShoot 'em Up.exeGeometry Wars, vertical scrolling, and GUNBOATS. GODDAMN. Crazy action with ships exploding left and right. You can even play this with your MOUSE, which makes the game laughably easy. Made by Kenta Cho from ABA Games (the guy who made Tumiki Fighters and Torus Trooper). Link.
Guwange DashShoot 'em Up.exe
Yeah, it's what would happen when every great shmup company in existence came together to make a stupidly fun mash-up. Nearly a dozen ships across many quality titles like DoDonPachi, Twin Cobra, R-Type, Ikaruga and many others (you can even play as Hibachi!). The game is in active development and adding tons of new ships with each version update. Check Google if the links are dead, as the developer wants English users to have a relevant, accessible release. Developer's page is in Japanese and English.
Dev's site has been nuked, I think due to a C&D from Taito or Namco. Likely not to be in development anymore. Get it here Link. (The link leads to the same game, from an archives site)
HacknetVisual Novel (?).exeA terminal-based hacking game, following the story of a recently deceased hacker Bit, whose death may not have been the accident the media reports. LAN Multiplayer allows you to go head to head hacking competitively, to compromise the other's computer first. Link.
Halloween HarryRun and Gun.exeHalloween Harry is a Duke Nukem-esque sidescroller where you rescue the bitches in that picture from zombies and other shit. Your primary weapon is a flamethrower. You will need DOSbox to play. Also known as Alien Carnage. Link.
Hero CoreAction / Adventure / Shooter.exeHero and Hero Core are about a jetpack man out on a mission to destroy Cruiser Tetron and his world domination plans. These games have a charming minimalistic style both in visuals using only black and white and in gameplay as you can only move and shoot left or right. Though both games have the same style and mechanics, only the sequel (Hero Core) is a full-fledged Metroidvania game as the first one lacks some traits like power-ups to get to new areas, a map, and the backtracking feel as it is more straightforward. Both have multiple difficulties which must be unlocked, secrets, and bonus content.First game. It also has a handy guide for if you get stuck.Second game. There is no guide since it doesn't need one.
Hikkikomori QuestRPG.exe
Life as an average Pink board-goer (Probably /a/)
Platformer / Run 'n' Gun
A Turrican homage. Go through hard as fuck stages filled with shitload of enemies and secrets and do some major shooting. There is everything that you loved about Turrican without those things that you hated. Project page download links don't work so you can get it here
HydorahShoot 'em Up.exeHigh quality shooting game that's a melting pot of Gradius goodness. Tons of levels to conquer with each mission bestowing a new special weapon. This game is HARD but extremely rewarding, as there's dozens of secrets hidden off the beaten path for you to uncover. Gorgeous 16-bit graphics, a rocking soundtrack and charming Spanish voice actors(!) that blend for some impressive action. Easily better than most commercial shmups of its time. Link.
Hydra Castle LabyrinthAdventure/Metroidvania.exeGuardian of Paradise creator, Buster, decided to take on a Metroidvania in the vein of classics like Knightmare II and the original Metroid. It's done in his crew's well-known style, but the gameplay may be unfamiliar to those new to old styled games. Outside of boss fights, the game is fairly non-linear. You can find a shitload of gear before you even take on the first boss. However, it can be difficult because of this, and quite easy to get lost. If you're patient and can get the hang of it, you'll find an enjoyable game here. Game+Rough Translation Patch
Hyper Princess PitchRun and Gun.exeLink.
I Wanna Be the GuyPlatformer.exeAPPLES DO NOT FALL UP! EXTREMELY difficult, but interesting platformer. Lots of bizarre game references and other wackiness, but seriously, expect to die roughly 7 trillion times if you plan on actually seeing more than the first 10 or so screens of it. Also, playing on Normal makes you a wuss, as the game will constantly remind you. Link.
IbHorror, Adventure, Mindfuck.exeYou play as a young girl named Ib who takes an adventure through a demented art gallery. The game has a grim atmosphere and a heavy focus on psychological horror (with a few jump scares to thrown in). There are multiple endings as well to add interest. The translated version can be downloaded here.
Iconoclasts, ThePlatformer / Metroidvania.exeMade by Konjak, the guy behind the Noitu Love games, and directly inspired by his love of the 2D Metroids. Absolutely beautiful pixel art, solid gameplay, Konjak definitely knows what he's doing. Not actually complete as of now, but a playable alpha was released when he was considering stopping work on it.
Icy TowerPlatformer / Action.exeOne of the most popular freeware games ever made with over 20 million downloads to date, Icy Tower was launched in 2001 and has been consistently updated ever since. The game has players guiding a silly urban caricature called "Harold the Homeboy" up an - you guessed it - icy tower. The screen scrolls upwards and falling off one of the slippery platforms will result in instant death. The faster you run, the higher you jump. Icy Tower is not a game filled with strategy or depth, but it's an amusing enough diversion for score-chasing arcade gamers, and its sheer popularity alone is a testament to how many people seem to enjoy it. The game is also available on Facebook and iOS, although the iOS version is not free.Link.
IgneousAction / Platformer.exe
You're a tiki rock... thing rolling through collapsing, lava filled temples sanic fast, (Is actually reminiscent of 3D Sonics) jumping over pits and dodging falling rocks. Very short, but pretty good. Made by Going Down In Flames, a student team at Digipen IT. high requirements mean it's not for everyone.
IjiPlatformer / Run and Gun.exeYou control one of the two survivors of an alien attack. The scenario seems bland and generic at first, but it has a few likable characters and starts getting original after another alien race appears. It has some of the best music in freeware games, the final boss theme deserves to be on everyone's playlist. Gameplay is based partially on System Shock and consists of going through levels with various weapons, upgrading your abilities, and either killing or stealthily avoiding enemies depending on player preference. Alternate dialogue/bosses and a few secrets makes replaying this gem worth while. Link.
IkachanMetroidvania / RPG.exeDaisuke Amaya/Pixel's first masterpiece (the guy behind Cave Story). This game, Ikachan, is the original title that the gameplay engine used in Cave Story was developed for, and it shows. Instead of running around, you're swimming around however as you play the squid Ikachan in this amazingly charming title that mixes in elements of Metroidvania platformers (without actually platforming seeing as how you swim) and RPGs. While there's hardly any story to speak of, Ikachan is a must-play for any Cave Story fans. Link.
I'm O.K.: A Murder SimulatorRun and Gun / Beat 'em Up.exeI'm Ok: A Murder Simulator is a hilarious Run 'N Gun with several extra gameplay modes. It's basically a big throwback to gaming's history, and was made in response to Wacko Jacko's game idea A Modest Proposal. Kill children! Burn lawyers! Destroy the vidya, Metal Slug style! Unfortunately, not much replay value once you conquer it. Made by a team that included the guy who made Spelunky. Link.
Irisu SyndromePuzzle, Mindfuck, Horror.exeA freeware puzzle game that plays like an inverse Tetris and tells a story after every play.
Unfortunately, nothing can be said about the game or it will ruin the experience. A couple of tips though: Keep your game folder open and check it every time you lose and reach 40k points for a surprise.
Download here and translation patch here.
Iter Vehemens ad Necem (a.k.a. IVAN)Roguelike.exeLink.
JumperPlatformer.exeThe original Jumper game, programmed by Matt Thorson when he was only 16(!), is a brutally difficult platformer that, despite what some may say, did not actually inspire Meat Boy. It does, however, have many striking similarities, and fans of Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy should definitely check it out. The original Jumper features double jumps, but not wall-jumps or high jumps. The wall-jumps are not missed, however, since they were very frustrating to pull off with a keyboard in Jumper Two. An enhanced remake of Jumper, titled Jumper: Redux, can also be downloaded free of charge from Matt Thorson's site.Link.
Jumper TwoPlatformer.exeSuper Meat Boy if it was more challenging, free, and made six years ago. This game is pretty much better than SMB in every way, and it's a shame it got left in the shadow of SMB's success. The original Jumper and Jumper Three are also fun, but not as good. Link.
Jumper ThreePlatformer.exeLink.
KaroshiPuzzle / Platformer.exeThe Karoshi series includes 6 games, with the first 5 being freeware and the 6th being a paid app for iOS, PSP, and Android. Each game has you controlling a Japanese salaryman who must solve elaborate and complex puzzles in order to kill himself. Yes, that's right. The goal is to die, and you have to do everything you possibly can to make yourself die. If you can get past the crude graphics in the earlier games, you will find a series of clever, mind-bending, and immensely satisfying puzzle platformers tinged with ample helpings of pitch-black humor and plenty of highly challenging puzzles.Link.
Katawa ShoujoVisual novel.exeOne of the most popular and immediately well-loved visual novels ever made, The story tells of a young man who, after suffering a heart attack upon hearing a confession from the girl he loves, is diagnosed with cardiac dysrhythmia and sent to a hospital where he meets several lovely and charming teenage girls who each suffer from a different disability. Like most PC visual novels, the game does have plenty of gratuitous sex scenes, but that's not the reason most people play the game in the first place. The art, writing, and interactive nature of the story are what make Katawa Shoujo worth checking out. Link.
KAWAHARAUMISEPuzzle / Physics.swfA game inspired by the physics of the Umihara Kawase series. Unlike that series, your character in this game is a ragdoll derp and can only move by being flung around. Much like the series though, you'll have to think carefully to safely get to exits, even more so the alternate ones. Although it's a bit short, you'll definitely be challenged in aiming for a high score! Link.
King's Quest III : To Heir is Human ReduxPoint and Click Adventure.exeThis is a recreation of the original 1986 game. Good quality voice acting and music. It is also difficult, but still fun. Link.
King Arthur's GoldSidescrolling base-building fighting game.exe .dmg .tgzFrom the makers of Soldat, this is a game with 3 classes, knights,archers and builders. builders can make forts and traps while the other 2 duke it out. Can be played online. Link.
KnyttPlatformer.exeFrom the creator of fun indie games like NightSky and Within a Deep Forest, Knytt is a very fun, very relaxing platformer that has you running, climbing, and jumping to collect items needed to rebuild your UFO that crash-landed on a strange planet. Unlike Knytt Stories below, the original Knytt has very little actual challenge and can be easily completed in a short amount of time. That doesn't make it any less enjoyable, however. If you like platformers, you owe it to yourself to give Knytt' a try.Link.
Knytt StoriesPlatformer.exeA really cute platformer. Simple (but great) graphics, great atmosphere, and level-making utilities with an active community so your game will never get stale, which is really the selling point, because top-notch community made shit gets added to the homepage (so basically like 2D LittleBigPlanet except you don't have to wade through the crap). Made by Nifflas (who is currently part of Nicalis) who made the original Knytt as well as Within A Deep Forest.There's also a DS port of this. Link.
La MulanaPlatformer / Metroidvania.exeA game meant to induce memories of the old MSX2 Konami adventure games, La Mulana is one of the best. Deep challenge, free-roaming, intricate puzzles, and even quirks like using an MSX in game, La Mulana is just great. Hard, but great. Remastered on Wiiware. Link.
Lcd DemAdventure, Mindfuck.exeLink.
Legend CavePlatformer / Metroidvania.exeA Metroidvania reminiscent of old Falcom and Metroid-type games. Each class starts with different equipment, but mostly play the same. There's hint tablets, but the devteam seems to have died before they finished translating it (it's playable without reading though). Auto-pauses when you're away. Find gold for shops, use keys, and generally explore dat dungeon. Controls: Save your game on blue diamonds. Up jumps, down saves and enters shops, space attacks, Z uses an item, X throws an item, ctrl at the same time as up and/or down selects items, Esc is exit. Main Menu: Start game, Load game, Highscores, Options, Exit game. Link.
Legend of PrincessAction / Platformer.exeSo short that it will literally will take you less than half an hour to beat it. Regardless, it's a very fun, yet short game parodying the Legend of Zelda game. Use various weapons at your disposal as you fight your way through enemies and epic parody bosses and solve puzzles as well in a nice 2D platformer. Uses a similar fast-paced engine and graphic style of Noitu Love 2, but keyboard based. Link.
LegerdemainRoguelike.exeA roguelike that's more like an RPG due to its story, and the ability to save.
LemmingBall ZFighter.exe
A fighting game for Windows and Linux, loosely based on DragonBallZ, but with Lemmings-style characters.
LieroReal-Time Strategy.exeLink.
Linley's Dungeon CrawlRoguelike.exeLink.
Little Fighter 2Fighting/Beat Em' Up.exeChoose your little fighter and unleash hell upon your foes in this awesome brawler. Play against up to 7 friends or AIs at the same damn time and watch as your friendships get torn to shreds because fuck you for picking Rudolph, you cheating bastard. Get out of my house.
Lyle in Cube SectorPlatformer.exeA fun and clever Metroidvania-style platformer that involves picking up cubes, throwing them at enemies, and using them to get to higher areas in order to save your stolen cat. As you collect new power-ups, you will be able to access new areas. With countless rooms to explore and tons secrets to discover, Lyle in Cube Sector is a true platforming treat.Link.
M.A.D.Shooter / Defend Your Base.swfPostpone a city's destruction by shooting by intercepting incoming missiles. Great music, surprisingly addicting. Basically, an update of that old arcade game, Missile Command. Link.
M.U.G.E.NFighting / Mega Mod.exeMake your own fighter that's very customizable from which characters you put in to the stages and music. Fight Santa as Ronald McDonald in Emerald Hill Zone! Beware of the M.U.G.E.N. community. Most creators feel like they are gods gift to earth for taking a companies sprites and slapping them on to kung fu man (a basic original character) template. Play the game, stay far away form the people, learn to love "warehouses". Link. Characters and Stages for MUGEN
Mana ChroniclesPuzzle / Defense.swfA curious title that involves solving match-3 puzzles in a lower screen half to power up your mana, which lets you summon critters to fight the enemy summoner and enemy monsters in the upper half. Might appeal to fans of these genres. Nothing to do with Seiken Densetsu/World of Mana or that iPhone game. Link.
Mari0Platformer / Puzzle.exe, .dmg, .tgzSuper Mario Bros. meets Portal. Interesting.
Maze of Galious, ThePlatformer / Metroidvania.exe, .dmg, .tgzA remake of the best Metroidvania you've never heard of, which is also the cornerstone that the entire genre was built upon. Unlike later games, this one does NOT mess around. You have to find out everything by yourself in a huge game filled with areas and enemies ready to EASILY kill you. Protip: If you play the original on an MSX (or MSX emulator) you can take advantage of 2nd slot rom carts, which add power-ups from the get-go. Had a NES version which is notably different in several areas. Link.
Meat BoyPlatformer.exe, .swfThe original game that would later become Super Meat Boy, the first Meat Boy is nearly as impressive as its big brother; a challenging, fun, and highly addictive slice of platforming joy with a truly inventive and clever wall-jumping mechanic that must be taken full advantage of if you ever want to save your precious Bandage Girl. Available as a Flash game on Newgrounds (along with another game made of fan-created levels) and as a download, Meat Boy, like its highly-acclaimed sequel, is a terrific piece of pure platforming heaven.Link.
Megaman: 8-bit DeathmatchFPS.exe, .dmgMegaman-themed mod for Doom 2, powered by Skulltag. Includes a tournament-style single player mode and 70+ multiplayer maps, each based on a stage from the NES Megaman games, and features player skins for nearly every character from the NES and Game-Boy Megaman games, including the Robot Masters. Technically it's just a *.wad file for Doom2, but Doom2 without the *.wad files is free! Link.
insert picture hereMekuri MasterRhythm? / Skirt Flipping Simulator.swfPlay as Jotaro Kujo some punk kid and ORA ORA ORA flip open women's skirts without fail or else you will get detention for lewd behavior. Link.
Merry Gear Solid: Secret SantaTactical Espionage Action.exeA very good parody of the Metal Gear Solid series while also mixing the traditional NES Metal Gear and MGS gameplay. Most of the jokes are only understandable to MGS fans so please, play the original before playing this. Link.
Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas PastTactical Espionage Action.exeA sequel to the first except it vastly improved the gameplay and the length of the game (although most of it is due to backtracking for obtain certain items). Still enjoyable. (about 10x bigger) Link.
Microsoft Tinker (or just Tinker)Puzzle.exeThis free Microsoft game has you controlling a tiny, cutesy robot who has to navigate his way across a checkerboard to a finishing space using switches, levers, bombs, lasers, and various other assorted items, with some of them being more complex than others. Beware: you have a limited number of moves, and some levels have bonus items that can be collected if you want a star for completing the level in the least amount of moves, in the least amount of time, and (in some levels) collecting the bonus item (which, of course, requires extra work to get). A very challenging puzzle game; the only problem is the camera, which doesn't always show you the entire playing field, but can be adjusted to different views. The Games for Windows Live version will also net you Achievements and Gamerscore, if you're into that.
MightierAction / PuzzlesteamLink.
Mighty Jill OffPlatformer.exeThis clever platformer has you playing as a chubby lesbian in a gimp suit who must climb back up a dangerous tower after her dominatrix queen kicks her down. This game answers the question: why do video game characters voluntary go through so much pain? The answer: because they're masochists who enjoy it. Mighty Jill Off is a very fun tribute to Mighty Bomb Jack, where everything is trying to kill you and you must make good use of your ability to stop jumps in mid-air. If you beat the game in 12 minutes or less (good luck!), you can unlock hard mode. Alternately, you can also unlock hard mode by donating a dollar to the game's creator.Link.
MinecraftSandbox / "Better than Legos".jarBuild your own world from the inside using various blocks, water and lava. Watch a few hours' work get ruined in minutes seconds. Doesn't require "autism", but does require work.Note: Free version is limited to survival single-player (SSP) mode only. PS: Beware of the community, they make YouTube look civil. Link.
Mission in SnowdriftlandPlatformer / Puzzle.swf"YO DAWG, WE HEARD YOU LIKE ICE LEVELS" the game. Now, while it sounds bad in practice, the nice Super Mario World-esque physics, fair difficulty curve, and solid level design actually make it work well! Each of the 24 stages is unlocked for each day of December until Christmas. Beating one unlocks a small present from an independent developer (usually a wallpaper or icons). While you don't need to get all 576 snowflakes, getting them is a challenge, and will unlock a bonus download once you've done so. Link.
Momodora (Series)Platformer.exe
A series of 2d platformers inspired by Cave Story. The first is linear and the second is a metroidvania.
Moonbase AlphaSimulationsteamLink.
NPlatformer / Puzzle.swf with .exe wrapperYou're a gold-dependent ninja in search of transcendence. To prove yourself, you'll just need to pass 500 trap-filled levels requiring inhuman dexterity. Expect to throw your keyboard out of the window OVER 9000 times before completing all of them. Oh, and a thousand times more with the countless hardcore levels created by its fans. Also on DS, PSP and XBLA as N+ and slightly remixed. Link.
NaevSpace Privateer.exeTop-down space shooter, you do the basic space sim routine of mining, exploring, shooting, etc. The 'Ndata' can be tricky, if the installer doesn't get it for you, DL it manually from the downlods section.
Nanaca CrashAction / Taichi tossing.swfA fun SFW flash game based on an adult visual novel Cross Channel. You hit a character into the air and see how far away he lands. He can fall on several different characters who can change his angle, speed, or end the game. Addicting and amusing. Link. English review that includes the game
Narbacular DropPuzzle / FPS.exeThis game was developed by college students, who got noticed by Valve and were snatched up to make a more refined version for their HalfLife2 engine. This is the spiritual and actual predecessor to Portal. Very different from what it became but still pretty good, with some extra fan-made levels to boot! Link.
NefteliaMindfuck / Adventure.exeAn adventure/mindfuck game that has somewhat the same atmosphere as Yume Nikki. Notoriously difficult to get running, however.
A video on how to run the game properly:
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!Adventure.exeLink.
NethackRoguelike.exe, .dmg, .tgzImagine Dungeons and Dragons in a very difficult, video game form. Death is permanent, the dungeon is always randomly generated, and you aren't going to win for a very long time. This is the game that basically made the roguelike genre. (No, that was Rogue, stupid). (Rogue is Rogue, not a Roguelike you idiot). You can check out the game's wiki Here. The download also comes with a graphical interface in case you you don't like ASCII graphics. You can also telnet to to play online (no multiplayer though).Link.
NexuizFPS.exe, .tgzAn open-source Quake-like FPS with lots of editing tools and a pretty great community. Very fast paced. Try not to blink. Link.
Ninja SenkiPlatformer / Shooting.exeMegaman 1 style game without the stage selection. Game features some tricky platforming, enemies that will knock you off the stage, and enemy ninjas. Link.
As a cartoony naked ninja, invade a castle with your mad stealth skills. The game is very hard and levels often become unwinnable if you mess up, but it has infinite lives, is quite addictive and perfect for speedrunning.
Nitronic RushRacing / Stunt.exe
NITRONIC RUUUUUUSH. Crazy stunt racing game based on San Franciso Rush 2049. Made by Team Nitronic, a student team at DigiPen IT. It's sort of like hotwheel tracks (plus Tron); levels are more like obstacle courses than race courses. Jumping over stuff, stuff falling on you, crazy loop de loops, jumping up doing a flip and landing on the track above you. These are just some of the ways that you will die. Oh yeah, you can boost, and jump, and do flips, and even fly sometimes. And if you aren't boosting 99% of the time, YOU'RE TOO SLOW!
Noitu LoveBeat 'em Up / Platformer.exeIt's a simple beat 'em up platformer. Has some neat action, big boss battles, a neat storyline to it about ALIENS and you get to turn yourself into a variety of forms in order to get past certain obstacles. Don't play anything less than hard unless you want to be shafted out of the true ending. A very improved sequel was made. Link.
Noitu Love 2: Deevolution (Demo)Beat 'em Up / Platformer.exeFAR SUPERIOR to the first game as it is fully animated, the boss battles are more kickass, COMBOS, and fast paced action. You play as a new character (the game takes place some time after the first), but the plot is the same, kill all the aliens. Has some neat side scrolling experiences and a recommended game to anyone. You even unlock new characters after you beat it the first time. One of the few "freemium" entries on this page, since it actually costs money to get the game now, but was originally free for a very brief while. Planned to be ported to WiiWare, but still hasn't happened and probably won't. &file=10 Link.
Nomltest FSShoot 'em Up.exeSpace Invaders with pissed off aliens. Refined shooter with rudimentary curtain patterns that become increasingly more manic as your level rises. The box surrounding your ship "eats" bullets if they stay in it for a short duration, encouraging players to risk nomming grazing bullets for a higher score. Link.
NotriumSurvival / Strategy.exeLink.
NullpoMinoPuzzle (Tetris and others).exe, .jarA Tetris game engine, designed as a successor to the playable-but-totally-disorganized mess of code that was Heboris Unofficial Expansion. In a similar way to Tepples' Lockjaw, you can customize damn near everything in the game, from the mechanics to the visuals to the soundtrack. The gameplay stuff is divided into modes (modes of play, and the goals of each one) and rules (systems that determine your controls, and the behavior of the pieces as you move and rotate them). In addition to rules and modes based on just about every commercial Tetris game and many unofficial ones, you can play adaptations of Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo and Super Puzzle Fighter. There's even netplay, though the level of player activity seems sporadic.
ObakePlatformer.exeYou know Kirby, right? This one is basically the same game, but you play as a ghost that can possess any enemy and use their abilities. Well, as long as they don't take too much damage and die, that's it. But you can possess another one, so who cares? (Fun Fact: This concept was first used in an old game called Avenging Spirit.) It is in Japanese, but I don't think that the story is something that you should care about when playing this game. Just reach the end of the stage, and if you really are a completionist, discover all the secret passages accessible by using certain enemies' abilities. Link.
OctodadAdventure.exeOctodad is a highly ambitious freeware game by a team of students from DePaul University. To quote the official site, Octodad is a third-person adventure game about destruction, deception and fatherhood. The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about a day of his life. His existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously keeping his cephalopodian nature a secret from his human family.Octodad will return in 2013, when he must deal with his increasing suspicions of his wife and his own watery past during a trip to the local aquarium in Octodad: Dadliest Catch.Link.
OpenTyrianShoot 'em Up.exe, .tgzOpenTyrian is a port of the DOS shoot 'em up Tyrian.
Download both files, extract same directory. Run OpenTyrian.EXE First download OpenTyrian-W32-Latest, then unzip to the same directory, and run 'OpenTyrian.exe'
Osu!Rhythm.exe, onlineA fanmade port of Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan. Surprisingly well made, with integrated IRC, multiplayer modes, rankings, built in beatmap editor, and easy to use interface. All songs come from other users, so there's an extremely large amount of video game and anime music. Includes Taiko Drum and Catch the Beat modes. Also available on the iphone/itouch, though it requires jailbreaking. The only downside is that the servers often cockblock your attempts to download more than a few songs at a time, so grab a beatpack instead. Link. is where you'll get the software, and you need to sign up before you can start playing.
Pac-Man GoogleNostalgia.htmlTo celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, Google put 256 levels of successive Pac-Man difficulty in their logo just for you high-score hunters. In a unique twist, you don't have to get your Billy Mitchell on alone, press "insert coin" twice and a second player can play as Ms. Pac-Man using the WASD keys (P1 uses arrows). Update: Apparently Google's huge storm of influxed traffic let them put the game up for free, on its own little page no less! Link.
Pandemic 2Pathogen Simulator.swfPlay as a virus, bacteria or parasite in an attempt to obliterate humanity off the face of the Earth. Add and remove ("sell" here doesn't mean what you think it means) traits in order to stealthily infect the unsuspecting populace. Beware of Madagascar as they are very paranoid. LInk.
Patriot DarkShoot 'em Up.exeAn amalgamate of refined gameplay elements, Patriot Dark has all of the trappings of a Cave-branded arcade shmup. There's strong emphasis on chaining (DoDonPachi) and "gaining" (Espgaluda) through use of your laser. The music really sucks ass, but you shouldn't miss out on this awesome game, so try using this alternative shit instead. Link.
Pax BritannicaRTS.exe
A quick, short game where you man an Underwater Factory and fight other underwater factories in quick matches. A one-button, has Hotseat multiplayer.
PhotopiaText adventure.exeArguably one of the most introspective, haunting interactive fiction games ever created. The story revolves around the life and development of a precocious twelve-year-old girl. However, you never play as her. Instead, you play as several different characters who care for her in different ways.
Along with these perspective shifts, you're also playing through vivid, dreamlike fantasy sequences. There's a common, but subtle underlying theme that is made clear as the game progresses, and one of the last scenes is open to interpretation.
PoacherPlatformer / Metroidvania.exeA Metroidvania game made by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw where you play as a Yorkshire poacher that gets sucked in to a centuries-old war between two ancient underground civilizations. Good gameplay and story, with two endings to be had. Get it at Yahtzee's blog:
Power, ThePlatformer / Metroidvania.exeA simple Metroidvania that manages to be pretty fun. Everything looks like it is made out of neon lights. A bit hard at the beginning, but with a little exploration, you should find the difficulty to even out. Controls are a bit stiff but stick with it and you have a neat little game. Link.
Psycho WaluigiPlatformer.exe
A Waluigi fangame that is actually quite entertaining. Waluigi is knocked uncoscious and gets sent to the world of Unconcia, where he partners with a strange being called Psycho Iris, who gives him telechinesis to help him take over the 6 kingdoms of Unconcia. Use your telechinesis to grab enemies and toss them against one another or, if the enemies have special abilities, use those against their friends. Become the ruler of Unconcia, WAHAHA.
Quake LiveFPSonlineLight shootan fun in your browser. Basically Quake 3 lite in a browser. Link.
RADIO ZONDEShoot 'em Up.exeThought Touhou was hard? Good luck with this shit. This game defines challenge and complexity, mostly due to being unintuitively intricate. In general most ships have infinite lives where deaths and "pains" are merely strikes against your end score. Advanced techniques and endurance are essential for a good end score turnout. The game is still a WIP, but it's playable in its current form. Link.
Realm of the Mad GodRPG / multiplayer shooter.swf, online, steamA Flash-embedded pseudo 8-bit MMORPG that's plays like a cross between Gauntlet and a roguelike. Based around working with others, making it somewhat difficult to conquer foes alone. Features different classes and dungeons to explore, and a huge ass world map with tons of bosses and monster swarms. Constantly updated to make things better and easier and/or harder. Link. Wiki
Rokko ChanPlatformer.swfA Megaman Classic+X homage with a Dash and Dash Jump, but no charge shot, sliding, or wall-kick (at first? Needs verification.) Get new weapons from bosses to use in stages and/or against other bosses. Actually looks, sounds, and plays quite like a new entry, even if nothing new is added outside of the dash factor. Even has a Japanese and English version in the same game. Stages are well designed and mix and homage elements from multiple games from the series, often within each other or in unexpected areas. Although check points are a bit scarce, the challenge is fair and fun. Get Equipped Now!
Rescue the BeaglesPlatformer.exeThis is a platform game where the goal is to rescue beagles from being sent to an animal testing facility. It uses procedural generation for levels, so you never get the same one twice. You have ropes to climb up high levels and parachutes for jumping down. Your weapons? Owls. OWLS! You get to throw them at enemies. This game rocks. It's fun underrated indie title and this editor is not a fan of most indie platformers. Get it here.
RogueRoguelike.exe, .jarThe one, the only, the original: Rogue is the 1980 game that would inspire countless imitators known as "Roguelikes". A hard-as-nails dungeon-crawler using ASCII graphics, permanent death, and complex keyboard commands, Rogue is as hardcore as it gets. Originally popular on college Unix systems in the 1980s, Rogue is one of the most influential - and one of the most difficult - games ever made. If you somehow manage to beat it (spoiler: you won't), consider yourself a god among men.Link.
Rogue SurvivorRoguelike / Zombies!.exeAs the name suggest, Rogue Survivor is a roguelike game where you have to survive in a huge town after a zombie apocalypse. Completed with simple graphic and some musics that makes the atmosphere, it's actually pretty good and can be really enjoyable. If the idea of a realistic rpg turn-based zombie apocalypse game sounds interesting to you, check it out. Link.
Rockman 7 FCPlatformer.exeSome people wondered: "What if Mega Man 7 was 8-bit like the first 6?" So they decided to make it! Sadly, it lacks the shop and intro stage from the original release. However, pretty much everything else is present. There's even some handy features like slow down (F2) you can use if your goal is just to beat it. Link.
Rockman 8 FCPlatformer.exeBasically Mega Man 8 but 8-Bit! A pretty good reimagining with a great 8-bit rendition of the original soundtrack as well as good gameplay all-around. Can be found here.
Rockman & Forte FCPlatformer?.exe?Only a spriting project for now, but since this is coming from the team behind RM7FC, RM8FC and FF7FC, we can expect this to work out. More info and updates can be found here, but the only linked mirror (Loda) has shut down a while ago, and no other mirrors could be found.
Pictures ahoy!RPG Shooter: StarwishShoot 'em Up / RPG.swf
The dude behind this Flash game (xdanond) is obviously an enthusiast in visual novels and probably Sigma Star Saga, and it shows: on one hand, there is a surprisingly well-written Firefly-style story for a Flash game. On the other hand, he sucessfully mixed RPG elements into shmup mechanics (character leveling, ship upgrades, weapon shopping) without breaking the game. His friend, auriplane, also turns in a fantastic score.
The game is long, and you'll be using save feature a lot. It's a fucking shame this is a Flash game.
rRootageShoot 'em Up.exerRootage, like Warning Forever, is essentially an endless boss rush shoot-em-up. It features 4 different game styles that spice up gameplay, as well as having a fuckton of stages; all you do is pick a game style, and then a stage, and then you play until you die. One of the game modes is basically Ikaruga! A must-play for shmup fans.Link.
RunMan: Race Around the WorldPlatformer.exeTotally awesome speed-based platformer. RunMan is the fastest man in the world, and he's going to race around it. Pretty self-explanatory. Has colorful graphics drawn in MS Paint. You will smile nonstop! Link.
SainthAdventure / Platformer / Horror.exeLInk.
Sam & Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die!Adventure / Point 'N ClicksteamThe fourth episode of Sam & Max Season 1 is free to download. It is of course a good old adventure game with a simple point & click interface and lots of humour. Features about 4 hours of gameplay. Why the fourth one? Who knows, maybe it's because a certain event in it has a rather large impact on the rest of the series and gets referenced frequently, so people who only bought seasons 2 or 3 would know what's going on. In any case you don't really need prior knowledge about Sam & Max to play this one. Link.
SamorostAdventure / Puzzle.swfLink.
SeiklusPlatformer.exeAn exploration platformer.
Self DestructShoot 'em Up.exeTen minutes. That's it. Self Destruct is a game that only let's you play for ten minutes, then you self destruct. In that ten minutes, you have a fast-paced, over the top shoot 'em up, in which your goal is to rack up as many points as humanly possible. Very addicting. Includes an online score keeper and a leaderboard! Made by the guy behind Don't Look Back. Link.
Shoot FirstAction / Roguelike.exeLink.
SimutransTransport Simulation.exeA cool transport simulation where you connect chains of industries and cities using different transport options. Uses community graphics packs (or "paks"), meaning customisable graphics and there are quite a few to choose from. Link.
Sixty-Five Million and One B.CPlatform / Adventure.exe
Sixty Five Million And One BC is a platform adventure about a bunch of velociraptorstrying to save the world from a comet.Link.
SkiFreeAction.exeLink. if you don't know this then you don't know shit.
Skipmore.comRPG / Minigames.swfFairune- A short action adventure styled after Ys. Has items and hidden passages to find.Tower Climber- An action game that revolves around timed jumps to get jewels to save a princess.Mamono Slayer- Another short Act-Adv, based off Dragon Slayer, has weird "logic" puzzles.Synopsis Quest- A collection of 25 gag games. Use your RPG know-how to find the real ending!Skipmore- Moonland home of these and other fun mini-games, RPG and otherwise
Slouching Towards BedlamText adventure.z5In a dystopian Victorian steampunk setting, in an alternate timeline, you play as the new head of the local insane asylum. When the game starts out, you're listening to a recording by your predecessor, who rambles about why he committed suicide.
This sparks a chain of events that lead you to explore the asylum and the surrounding city and discover the big secret behind everything, at which point you are absolutely, completely free to choose how to respond, with almost no prompting whatsoever aside from the in-game hints system. The writing is heavily atmospheric. This award-winning work of interactive fiction features five different endings and highly advanced NPCs.
Small WorldsPlaformer / Adventure.swfAn interesting little flash game where you play as a single man exploring a eerie abandoned facility, in which you find teleporters that take you to different small worlds (hurr durr) you must explore. Very short, only about 20 minutes in fact. Link.
SoldatSidescrolling Multiplayer Shooter.exeMade by some funky polish guy ages ago and updated with new versions ever since. Has pretty much everything from chainsaws to miniguns to jetpack shoes, multiple modes including TDM and CTF, and 64 maps out of the box. Small but active community with tons of maps and quite a few good mods. Bots for singleplayer. Mostly eastern european servers for multiplayer. Small and lightweight, runs on pretty much any PC from the last decade. Brilliant fun in local multiplayer. Link.
Sonic Robo Blast 2Platformer/GOIN FAST.exe
Basically the Sonic game a lot of people dreamed of. 2D style sonic but in 3D and as fast as expected. Made by a bunch of indie heads instead of Sega, it has a lot of customizational stuff available via the Doom WAD builder. The message board has a bunch of people who make characters/levels on a basis.
The first Robo Blast, being one of the oldest Sonic fangames ever, is primitive and silly-looking, but also fun and full of secrets, so check it out too if you want.
Space Exploration: SerpensSectorRPG / Space Adventure.exeProcedurally Generated, and Reminicent of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, You are tasked with exploring and Charting a long abandoned region of space. Game is currently in DevHell. Link.
Space FuneralAdventure/RPG.exeSpace Funeral is a short psychedelic RPG filled with bizarre characters, surreal settings, and Lynchian dialogue. You play a man named Phillip who must travel to the Blood Cavern with Leg Horse in order to make the world right again. The game is also noted for its terrific music.Link.
SpelunkyPlatformer / Roguelike.exeThe game's creator was trying to create a platformer, inspired by Spelunker for NES, that invoked feelings of a roguelike. The result is a platformer where levels are randomly generated, and deaths make you start all over again. Surprisingly, the unforgivable deaths actually work pretty well and are pretty fair: 95% of the deaths are your fault. You find yourself avoiding the mistakes you previously made and going further and further. And since levels are random, you re-discover a new level every death. LInk.
Spider and WebText adventure.z5You're a highly trained spy with a wide variety of high-tech gadgetry, and you've been taken captive by your enemies and are being forced against your will to re-live the last hour of your intrusion into their secret compound.
This game has quite a few traditional puzzles, but most of them focus entirely on perspective, on the relationship between the player and the protagonist, and require plenty of lateral thinking to solve. You're also given a wide variety of choices on how to respond to your captors, and the dialogue is rather interesting.
Stair Dismount (a.k.a. Porrasturvat)Puzzle.exeOne of the first computer games built heavily around a real-time interactive physics engine, the popular Finnish demoscene production Stair Dismount, first released in 2002, is an important game. Which makes it all the more amusing that it revolves entirely around pushing a ragdoll figure down a flight of stairs and trying to cause as much damage as possible. Annnnnddddd... that's it. Trust us, it's way more fun than it sounds. A free iOS version is also available. If you like this, Truck Dismount and Sauna Dismount are available as well. Enjoy.Link.
Star Flight: The Lost ColonySpace Adventure.exeBased on Starflight and Starflight II: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula​; Link.
Star GuardRun and Gun.exeLink.
Stealth BastardStealth / Action.exe
It's a 2d Platforming Stealth game, but you have to go fast.
Stellar TraderRPG / Space Adventure.exeStellar Trader is a RPG where you take on the role of spaceship captain, seeking fame and fortune in the wild frontiers of space, and trying not to get blown to bits in the process.Made by the same guy who made 'Decker' Link.
Stranded IISurvival / Sandbox.exeYou're stranded on an island. Survive! Fun as hell game that makes you think about what you have to do to make sure you don't die, as opposed to so many games that just train your reflexes these days. Built on the Unreal engine. Totes fun bro. No option to play with yourself endlessly though. Link.
Strange Adventures in Infinite SpaceSpace Strategy/Adventure.exe
You pick a ship, explore the galaxy, and return home after (hopefully) making some money. Average game lasts around 10 minutes.
Stargate AdventuresPoint-and-Click Adventure.exe
A Point-and-Click adventure game where you play as Jack 'O Neall; Takes place between Seasons 8 and 9.

Streets of Rage Remake v5
Beat 'Em Up.exe8 years. That's how long it took for this labor of love (and rage!): A fantastic fan-made remake of Streets Of Rage. Features all playable Characters (including some extra and alternate versions), stages, enemies, and bosses from across the series (even some Master System/Game Gear ones!) but also new stages, attacks, and mini-games. Lots of paths in and between stages to choose from so you can play it and constantly discover new secrets. The huge list of various options is incredible, ranging from graphics, effects, control aspects between versions, and more, letting you create your custom SoR experience. Sega held up a CnD, but downloads are all over the net. Link.
SubTerraPuzzle.exeSubTerra is a puzzle game originally released in 2002, and is reminiscent of Chip's Challenge: collect all the gems and get to the exit! Watch out for deadly lasers, falling rocks, deadly creatures, and the skull of death! It features over 150 objects, over 100 levels (plus hidden stages plus even more fan made levels!), a robust level editor, and now includes 10 additional level sets. Levels can be completed on easy or hard mode, for additional points. Give this game a chance, and it will keep you busy for hours. Link.
Sumotori Dreams (Demo)Fighter / Drunk simulator.exeYou control a spastic/drunk sumo wrestler with the aim to knock down your opponent. A round can be over in seconds, but the fun doesn't stop there. The players are programmed to get up and bow to each other, which takes a while and can produce some hilarious results. Play against the computer, or 2-player split-screen. Amazingly, it's only 96kb in size and even comes in a 29kb version!!! You can now buy a 'final version', which just adds more players, more arenas and that's it. Download it at the main site, without paying it only has a 7 second limit, 4.50 USD will buy you the 'full' game. Suprisingly gobles up the cpu like mad! Link.
Super Crate BoxPlatformer / Action / Run and Gun.exeAn extremely simple, extremely addictive game that has you running around, collecting boxes, and shooting/slashing/blowing up strange monsters that kill you instantly if you touch them. Each crate gives you one point, and there are three areas to choose from, each with three difficulty modes (two of the difficulty modes are unlockable). The higher scores you get, the more characters, weapons, and difficulty modes. With each crate you get, your weapon will change randomly, which increases the difficulty since some weapons are massively destructive and others totally suck. Super Crate Box is maddeningly fun and an iOS version is also available (but isn't free).Link.
Super Mario Bros. XPlatformer.exeOne of the greatest Mario fan games ever released. Hundreds of challenging levels across several episodes, incorporating elements from classic titles such as Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3, World, RPG and even Zelda/Metroid. Features a comprehensive level editor so you can make your own episodes and a 2-player battle mode akin to the Super Smash Bros. series. The game's been CnD'd by Nintendo so the home site doesn't have any info for it. Link.
Super Mario CrossoverPlatformer.swfPlay the original Super Mario Bros in its entirety as Mario, Simon Belmont, Samus Aran, Link, Megaman, Ryu Hayabusa, or Bill Razor. Hilarious to tear apart goombas and koopas with each characters skills, and challenging when there are level design situations that take advantage of their weaknesses. (newgrounds link is the older one but also links to the newer) Link.BEING UPDATED AS Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Link.
Super Mario WarPlatformer / Action / Fighting.exe
A chaotic Mario fangame for multiplayer battles. Features many game modes and all sorts of powerups from the series.
Super Space RoguesTop-down Shooter.exe
Journey through a procedurally generated pair of solar systems to collect $50,000 for a disgruntled mob boss. Buy upgrades to make your ship more powerful along the way.
suteFPuzzle / Platformer.exeLink. bizzare and fairly challenging puzzle platformer.
Tag: The Power of PaintFirst Person Action / Puzzle.exeA game where you shoot different coloured paint to change your environment. Use paint to make you run faster, jump, and more. Goal is to reach the end of level using the different paints. Development team was hired by valve to work on Portal 2, this may be a bad thing or a good thing. Refuses to work on older computers (shader 2 must have).
Tale of Two Kingdoms, AAdventure.exeLink.
Tales of Maj EyalRoguelike/Adventure.exeA hidden gem of a game. For people who like strategy, dungeon crawling, a good immersive background world but don't like playing as punctuation marks (the default skin drawn by a good artist is for non-oldschoolers like us) . For an indie game it has a shitload of content, good music, and well written story bits written by contributors over the years. You start off by picking a race and class and fighting through dungeons, collecting equipment and doing optional quests to make yourself stronger so that the mid-late game bosses don't rape you too hard. If you don't die, eventually you get to unravel a dastardly plot where some evil dudes try to destroy the world with a weapon from an ancient civilization. Awesome game that suffers from non-existent publicity.
Tales of the Drunken PaladinRPG.exe
A 'Comedic' RPG
Team Fortress 2First Person Shooter/ War Themed Hat Simulator.exe, onlineUh, yeah. Went free-to-play in June 2011. Get it through Steam.
Teeworlds2D MMO Platforming Shooter.exe, .tgz, onlineA MMO where you play as a Kirby-like creature called a 'Tee', and shoot other Tee's. Think Quake in 2D. Still in development, but it's slowed down recently. Is open-source, with plenty of modifications. Note: Most servers are in Germany. For good USA servers, search "Exodus". Link.
TeknopantsDeveloper / Varied.exeMany of this guys (14) games are worth playing;Saves time Most of them include Hotseat Co-op / Multiplayer Link.
ToribashFighter / Awesome.exe, .dmg, .tgz (3.5)An odd, extremely hard fun game, in which you are a mannequin thing, fighting in slow motion with other mannequin things. Hilarity ensued, the slow motion style and replay functionality provides for amazing combos and recaps, along with the albility to save those replay. It also has a multiplayer mode, TONS of mods, great graphics, and you can customize your character as well. Though be forewarned, it's learning curve is a bit high, but once you get over it the game becomes really hard fun has a room up regularly, usually with about 15 or more people! Join in on the fun! Also, it's now on Wiiware. Link.
Torus TrooperShoot 'em Up.exe, .tgzRemember Tempest? This is Tempest on steroids. You're racing down this tube, sometimes at over 4000km/h blowing shit up. The graphics and music help to put you in the mood too, kind of has the same feel as Rez. It's not a game with a whole lotta depth, but it's fun to play every now and then. Also unlockable In 'Blast Works' for wii. Link.
Touhou MotherRPG.exeHomages several games, but concentrates on the Touhou and Earthbound crossover. References aside, it's a fun, solid story (a bit back-knowledge helps though). Although made in RPGMaker 2000, the designer, "S", replicated Earthbound's battles and effects quite well. For the masochist in you, there's even multiple difficulty levels to take on! Unsurprisingly, it garnered enough love for S to make a sequel. It's still in the works, but it looks even better than ever, even using the music combos from Mother 3.
Tower of GoluagaPuzzle / Adventure.swfFutaba and 2ch's homage to Tower of Druaga using their own Shift-JIS characters. Most resembles the TG16 remix. Test your mettle in unlocking various treasures by doing certain things on each floor (such as killing monsters certain ways). Although you have lives, you can continue right where you left off from a Game Over. Consider trying this, even if you've never played any version of the original. It doesn't require you to know any Japanese to play either. Note: Though you select items with Z/X/C, you use them with the space bar. link.
Tower of HeavenPlatformer / Puzzle.exe, .swfA very short (15 mins) but enjoyable platformer. You are attempting to climb the tower inhabited by a god. As you go up, the god gives you more rules to follow, under penalty of death, such as "You shall not touch blocks from the side". Because these rules stack, levels get harder and harder. The ambiance is very poetic and the music is catchy. Try to get all the secrets for a fun bonus. Link.
Trackmania Nations ForeverRacing / StuntssteamTrackmania Nations Forever is a terrific racing game that successfully incorporates puzzle elements with fast-paced driving to create an all-around fun experience. The physics are far from realistic, but the game does force you to consider your angles, speed, and driving methods as you dash through elaborate obstacle courses to earn medals. Online mode is unique in that the cars cannot effect each other in any way, and simply pass through other cars like ghosts. This isn't a "car fetishist" game, but it isn't exactly Mario Kart either. Rather, it manages to strike a happy-medium between the two. Trackmania Nations Forever is completely free, so you have absolutely no excuse for not giving it a try.
Trackmania United: ForeverRacing / Stunts.exeGreat looking racing game, no muss no fuss just drive and get the fastest time. Making your own tracks is encouraged, so some tracks you play online will be pretty demented/awesome/weird.Also on DS and coming to Wii soon. Link.
TranscendenceAction RPG / Shoot 'em Up.exeTake a spaceship, blast aliens, loot and whiz through an isometric universe to the galactic core with intermediate stops at space stations. First line says all. Incredibly fun and a lot of replayibility due to a randomly generated universe. Guy has been developing it at a snails pace since 1995. Also easily moddable.
Treasure Adventure GamePlatformer / Metroidvania.exe
A big Metroidvania with some influences from Wind Waker, namely the sailing (although it's nowhere near as annoying here). Several inventive puzzles, good characters, cute graphics and great gameplay.
Treasure TreasurePuzzle / Platformer.exeLink.
Trilby: The Art of TheftPlatformer.exeLink.
TUMIKI FightersShoot 'em Up.exeA cutesy looking shmup that's sort of a combination of Katamari Damacy and Einhander. After you kill enemies you can pick them up and use them as a weapon or shield. Made by the same guy that did Torus Trooper. Was also made into a game for the Wii called Blast Works, which it's also unlockable within.
UFO: Alien InvasionStrategy.exe, .dmg, .tgz, Android?It's a fan made remake of X-Com. BUILD A BASE, RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY, MURDER ALIENS BEFORE THEY MURDER YOU! MURDER YOOUUUUUU!!!Link.
Underside, ThePlatformer / Metroidvania.exeSo far there is only a demo made, but it is a DAMN good demo. It's basically Cave Story, but with characters, dialogue, and plot that are reminiscent to Earthbound. Fun platforming, weapon gaining, Metroid-esque game. This game has been under development since 2005 and he is making little progress so don't expect to see the full game any time soon. Link.
Untitled Story, AnPlatformer / Metroidvania.exeA platform game including a few Metroidvania elements, like a unified giant level with a map and different abilities to access new paths. MS Paint graphics, but without the usual background/platform confusion associated with it. Game is gigantic, with tons of secret zones. You'll need at least 10 hours to finish the game and 20 hours for a 100%. Also has a cute but not important story. Link.
Urban TerrorFPS.exeQuake 3 hack that makes good use of the engine. Kinda like CS, but different in more ways than one. Shit like throwing knives and wall jumping ahoy in this game. Pretty good local and net multiplayer all around, too.
Ur-Quan Masters, The / StarControl2Space Adventure.exe
A Space Adventure game originally released for DOS, It was released as freeware and remade into The Ur-Quan Masters. Features Top-down space combat and exploration. Hard as balls without a wlkthrough.
Vanguard PrincessFighter.exeA disgustingly moe fighter that actually turned out pretty solid and fun, probably because it was developed on 2D Fighter Maker 2K by an ex-Capcom employee. You'll need to install Microsoft Applocale to make the game recognize your PC as Japanese, but that's hardly a problem at all. /jp/ made netplay, thankfully.Link.
Vantage Master OnlineTurn-based Strategy.exeSummon creatures known as Natiels to fight for you as you vie to control the map's mana beacons. There are over 20 unique summons, each with their own abilities and elemental affinity. The CPU has no qualms with stomping your shit and seemingly has damage algorithms rolling in its favor, so you'd better be on top of your game. Contains gratuitous amounts of Engrish.
Void DestroyerSpace Combat / Sim.exe
A Space combat sim with RTS elements
Warlock BentspinePlatformer.exeLink.
Warning ForeverShoot 'em Up.exeA unique boss rush shoot 'em up where every level is an increasingly complex boss that learns from the previous boss. Did the previous boss kill you with missiles? In that case, the next boss will shoot more missiles. Each boss is killed the same way: by using your multi-directional aiming to blow up every individual part until all that's left is the core. A very clever twist on the traditional shmup formula, Warning Forever is so good that it's a permanent part of the traveling game exhibition known as Game On.Link.
WarsowFPS.exe, .dmg, .tgz, onlineA fast paced FPS in the vein of Quake, but with celshaded Team Fortess 2 style graphics. It has the typical bunny hopping/strafe jumping found in mods like CPMA and a unique dash/special key that allows for things like wall jumps/kicks and plenty of map tricks. Currently at version 0.5.
WhichHorror / Puzzle.exeA short game where you look for a way to open the door out of the small house. Lacks any sort of options and the 'low' quality version is still pretty high so be sure your PC is good enough.
White Chamber, ThePsychological Horror / Adventure.exeYou wake up on a ship in space, encounter some very horrifying scenes (despite the cartoonish art direction), and slowly piece together what the hell was going on (it wasn't pretty). This is one you can finish in a couple of hours, but has received very high praise from critics for its clever puzzles, chilling atmosphere, and terrific story.
Wild Metal CountryAction.exeLink.
Wind and Water: Puzzle BattlesPuzzle.exe
The main rule for clearing blocks in this game is to spin them around and form diamond shapes, which will then disappear along with other blocks of same color linked to them. There are three available methods for chain scoring and you'll need very good reflexes to play well.
The game has a huge story mode with all sorts of missions and minigames in its SMB3-like overworld. If you do well enough in some missions, you can even unlock shortcuts to the end. I recommend you read the whole storyline, though, as it is fairly amusing.
Also available for the GP2X and the Dreamcast.
Wing Commander Saga : The Darkest DawnSpace.exe
Wing Commander Saga: Darkest Dawn is a fan-made Wing Commander mod that uses a highly modified form of the open-source Freespace 2 engine.
Within a Deep ForestPlatformer.exeWithin a Deep Forest is another game from Nifflas (of NightSky and Knytt fame), so you know it's good. This one has you controlling a bouncy ball and, using Metroidvania elements, you gain access to new ball types which allow you to enter new areas. It's very challenging and very frustrating but, if you're up to the challenge and prepared to rage, Within a Deep Forest is a solid and well-made platformer.Link.
Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryFPS.exe, .tgzPossibly one of the greatest team fortress-esque game ever concieved. This was suppose to be the added multiplayer for the PC version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but id Software decided to release it as a freeware game. If the class system doesn't get you interested, the intuitive gameplay will. Almost every map has some different objective to be completed, making for a very different experience every time you play this game.
WraithAdventure / Horror.exeLink.
Yume 2kkiAdventure / Mindfuck.exeYume 2kki is the original fanmade "sequel" to the popular RPG Maker game, Yume Nikki. In this game, you play as a young girl named Urotsuki and explore your dreams, much like Yume Nikki. The goal of the game is to collect the Effects scattered throughout the dream worlds, which is also similar to its predecessor. However, Yume 2kki is far larger than its prequel and is still growing, as it is currently under development (it's fully functional despite this fact).For downloads, wiki and extras.
Yume NikkiAdventure / Mindfuck.exeWander around a little girl's dreams (most of which are extremely disturbing) while collecting abilities, most of which don't do squat. The gameplay is mainly about exploration, as you are not given any specific goal nor given any clue about where to go, and the places available can sometimes be very large. The game heavily relies on atmosphere. Definitely an interesting experience, nonetheless, give it a try. This game has it's own *chan.Link.
Yume NisshiAdventure / Mindfuck.exeLink.


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